Information about E-Liquids That People Smoke Using Bongs or Vaporizers

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e-Liquids are the fluid that goes into any vaporizers or electronic cigarettes and are what provides the solution of nicotine and flavoring to e-cigarettes. Essentially, e-liquids are the item that creates the vapor that you exhale, which mimics the old-style smoke from real cigarettes. Vaporizers “vaporize” e-Juices and e-liquids and create the smoke you inhale from e-cigarettes.

Contains nicotine

Typically, e-Liquids contain nicotine unless they are marked ZERO MG liquids. But not all e-liquids have nicotine. Some liquids are free of nicotine. Liquids normally come in different strengths that range from 0-mg all the way up to 24-mg.


Typically, e-Liquids users have several ingredients to design their own flavor to enjoy. The base of these liquids contains things such as PG and VG or both. Most e-Liquids have either a 50/50 PG/VG are 70/30 PG/VG ratio. Both are normally combined with natural and artificial flavors and create the enjoyable and unique recipes that you enjoy.

What are PG and VG?

PG is a flavoring carrier used in foods. It is ingredient in flavoring for food and used as an additive in medicines. Typically, a VG and PG blend is very smooth – in fact smoother than 100% PG base. PG is believed to be non-toxic and VG is a vegetable based liquid and is thick; very thick. Since it is so thick, it is hard to smoke it effectively on its own. Usually, VG is mixed with PG. VG is also considered to be non-toxic.

What a low-quality e-liquid contains?

Regular e-Liquids have some harmful chemicals which are believed to be harmful when inhaled. Below are ingredients that you need to avoid when buying e-liquids.

These are:

Acetoin –

This ingredient might react with some others chemicals like Diacetyl. It is a very bad idea if the e-liquid you are buying has oil based flavorings as they are quite harmful.

Diacetyl –

This is an ingredient that gives out a buttery flavor. This is hazardous especially when inhaled over a long period of time.

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