Dr. Gail Barouh, Ph.D: The Former President and CEO of the largest HIV/AIDS agency(LIAAC).

Dr. Gail Barouh is one of the well-known Professional in HIV/AIDS Care Service and Grief Organizations for the Acids sufferer’s Family members. Since 1986 she has been continuously working for LIAAC(Long Island Association for Aids Care) until June 2017. She is very well qualified in health education has successfully received PhD in Health Administration and Thanatology from the Union University. She has completed her M.A. in Health Education Counseling from Adelphi University. After completing her education she stared LIAAC in 1986 and with active participation in community services, In 1995 she received the title of Long Island Crisis Centre’s “Person of the Year”

There is a lot to speak about her from health community services to her work in preventing bias crime and discrimination in her program BiasHELP. She is the first person on Long Island to establish the support group for a family member of the people suffering from HIV/ AIDS. Dr. Gail Barouh has described her experience of work with support groups in the Book named “Support Groups”: The Human Face of the HIV/AIDS Bereavement. She is one of the strong personality in community services and her work expanded across various commission of New York councils. She has also worked as an activist in LGBTQ community.

Apart from her tremendous work in healthcare community service, she has also worked as an advocate for marriage equality, anti-discrimination laws and transgender equality. Under the work of Dr. Gail Barouh, LIAAC(Long Island Association for Aids Care) has expanded its services in too many social problems including drug abuse and many other long-standing ailments.

She has worked around every social problem on Long Island and has played a major role in making LIAAC(Long Island Association for Aids Care) as one of the largest agency in HIV/AIDS Care. It supports over 1000 individual including men, women and family members of the people are affected by HIV/AIDS. After her 30 years of Service in LIAAC, She retired and now she has taken up work for consulting profit and non-profit groups of Long Island. She is also working for human resources and Crisis Management in Long Island.

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