FUE Hair Transplant: A Brief Overview of Procedure and Results

Hair fall is not an uncommon peril of human lives. As you know how important it is to look good as you are first judged by your physical presence. Hair is one among the most important things that makes you beautiful. But with hair fall and baldness, the confidence and the good looks seems to wash away. There are several remedies available for the care and cure of hair related problems.

One of the leading hair loss treatments is hair transplantation. There are several clinics all around the country but the clinics for Hair transplant in Ludhiana provide the best hair fall solutions. However, before taking any massive step regarding your hair you must consult a doctor or an expert. Several times baldness and hair fall can be treated with homemade remedies or medications. So, be very sure about before you plan for transplantation.

There are two distinct ways in which hair transplantation is done. They are:

Types of Hair Transplant are:

1)    FUE Hair Transplant

2)    FUT Hair Transplant

 Among them, FUE hair transplantation is very common. Listed below is an overview of the FUE hair transplantation. To describe the process in simpler terms, it is the transportation of the hair follicles with the help of micro punches from the area of the donor and then transplanting them to the area of the receptor. This is undoubtedly the better and stress-free way of hair transplantation.

Detailed FUE transplantation process:

At the very beginning, the doctor or the expert attentively examines the scalps and decides whether hair transplantation is required. If it is needed, the doctor or the expert discusses the possible results and properly counsels the patient about the grafts that has to be transplanted. They also provide the patient with drawings of hairlines. The doctors also might ask the patient to do some pre-operative blood tests too.

On the day of transplantation, the final consent from the patient is taken along with detailed discussion about the process of transplantation and the probable result of it.

For easy surgery, hairs are usually cut short. The time taken by the operation is solely dependent on the number of grafts that needs transplantation. However, the patients can take short breaks during this entire tenure as long as it doesn’t harm the operation.

The prime aim of any experts or doctors is to provide the most comforting operation experience to the patient. So, they infiltrate local anesthesia to make the scalp of the patient numb, making the operation painless.

In the recipient area, small silts are made so that the post operation look feels natural. With the help of micro punches from the donor area, the grafts are extracted. These grafts are then transplanted to the slits in the recipient area. The experts take utmost care so that no compromise occurs with the viability of the grafts.

After the completion of this process, the doctors put an antiseptic bandage over the patients’ scalp that they remove on the day after. This bandage is placed so that the scalp is protected from dust or pollution.

After everything is completed the expert suggests some strict dos and don’ts that the patient should follow to yield the best results. Also, following those instructions would only help the patient to grow beautiful and thick hair.

Advantages of FUE hair transplant:

  • Body to scalp hair transplant is possible.
  • No stitches are required as there is no incision.
  • Fewer discomforts are experienced.
  • No linear scar is observed.
  • Heals faster.
  • Easy return to normal lifestyle.


So far no negative results have been witnessed. Natural look and better hair have been achieved after this surgery. But it is important to care them as per the prescription of the doctors. The hairs would stay a life long as they are all natural hair and so, this is one great investment for a lifetime to get permanent rid from baldness.

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