How to take Omega 3 without side effects

Omega 3 has a huge amount of benefits for the human body. However, everything that is consumed in a bad way and in excess can have secondary effects on the organism if it is not obtained from the adequate sources. Therefore we must learn how to properly consume this fatty acid, in order to bring to the field all its virtues.

Side Effects of Omega 3

A few years ago, it became very fashionable to include Omega 3 in our diet. In medicine form where we could have yellow beads or pills that contain this acid, we could also find it by several edible products distributed by several commercial brands.

The omega 3, is a fatty acid that our body, is not able to generate by itself. The only way we can get it is by eating different foods like some blue fish such as tuna, anchovy, herring, salmon etc … and some vegetables or nuts. Initially, Omega 3 began to be included in the diet because studies were conducted that showed that it raised “good” cholesterol levels and lowered “bad” cholesterol levels, and thus reduced the risks of cardiovascular disease.

But, apart from the benefits of Omega 3, research is being done and prove that this fatty acid also causes problems in some people.

The problems that generate a continuous excess of Omega 3 are quite varied and affect different parts of the body. One of the most common anomalies is the risk of colitis, this is usually noticed with abdominal pains, bloody stools, chills, constant desire to go to the bathroom, dehydration, diarrhea and fever.

Rashes have also been detected, which are quite annoying and cause itching and stinging in people who consume Omega 3 excessively. As well as alterations in the body’s defenses, leaving us more exposed to diseases and bacteria from outside the outside. Another common case is the increased risk of prostate cancer in men who exceed the ingest of this acid.

In addition, we also expose ourselves to the risk of atrial fibrillation, which is basically a rather annoying form of arrhythmia. The studies also detected cases of continuous belching and fish aftertaste, heartburn, because being a fatty acid, omega 3 also has a high rate of gastric acidity, nausea, changes in the perception of the flavors of the Food and finally the most dangerous symptom that it is a strong chest pain.

How to properly ingest Omega 3

As you can see the consequences for abusing the Omega3 are great. The most advisable are to include this acid in our diet but always matching it with Omega 6, another kind of fatty acid and always taking into account, not ingesting disproportionate levels of fatty acids. We just want to be okay, so we have to look at every moment that we take to why to deny it, We want a life with quality to share with our loved ones, so being in equal takes of Omega 3 and Omega 6, is the best choice for our body.

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