Did You Know that Onions Can Be a Major Driver for Hair Growth?

Loss of hair is a very natural and common phenomenon. According to experts, losing about 100 strands of hair approximately in a day is quite common. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. Losing hair in bulks can be a real cause of concern, as this might harm your physical appearance.

As per various studies released by doctors and hair care experts, it has been observed that onions form to be a major ingredient which can augment growth of healthy hair follicles to a large extent. Considered to be one of the best of natural remedies, onions are suggested by doctors to be used on scalp in case you suffer from issues related to hair loss.

Besides, using such natural ingredients, hair care experts suggest that, you take proper care of your hair. This is because hair is an important component of your personality, and hence losing hair till a large extent can cause permanent baldness. Excessive loss of hair can only be combated through hair transplantation, and due to rise in loss of hair amongst the Indian population, there has been a huge demand for hair transplantation services.

India has gradually grown to be a favourable destination for hair transplantation, and several cities have come up in the recent past. Hair transplantation in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Pune, and Mumbai happens to be some of the best treatment options for patients looking for hair transplantation.

Do you consider usage of onion for hair transplantation to be safe?

Experts are of varied opinions when asked about the usage of onion as a preventive for hair loss. Most of them have agreed to a large extent, that usages of onions are extremely favourable for healthy hair growth. Under normal circumstances, scalp will not experience any kind of negative impact after onion has been rubbed. However, for excessively dry scalp, you might notice an increased hair fall immediately after onion has been rubbed into the scalp.

However, onions in most of the cases emphasize a positive impact, as it gives complete freedom from using harsh chemicals. Most of the patients have been observed to find onion as a great remedy when applied on bald patches.

Can onion really promote hair growth?

In spite of having been used by hair loss patients in a large extent, onion still has not become a very popular ingredient to many patients suffering from significant hair loss. However, an interesting fact is that usage of onion for hair growth has been proved to be beneficial. Simultaneously usage of onion juice can help to get rid of fungal infections such as dandruff etc. Usage of onion on scalp in large quantities can help in reducing greying of hair.

How does onion assist in hair growth?

Onion is known for a high quality of sulphur. It improves the blood circulation in the scalp. Onion juice however, can be applied wither alone or in a combination of other useful ingredients.

In addition to the above, onion juice can help in producing collagen tissue which augments hair growth. Sulphur having anti bacterial properties can have a positive impact on the scalp. It also helps in building up hair strength and improves the volume of hair growth.

Onion speeds up hair growth

In order to initiate hair growth with the help of onion, you have to apply the juice intensely on the scalp. This can cause your scalp to smell, but nothing doing. Onion juice when applied intensely can actually help in driving hair growth.

Experts suggest that, you should apply onion intensely and leave it for a while on the scalp. If you keep the juice for a longer stay time, impact created is more. You have to carry the process repetitively. Then only can you expect the results.

Method for making onion juice for hair growth

In order to extract the onion juice, you have to use a juicer or a grinder. Peeling of onion leaves and cutting into slices can help you to get onion juice within a short time.

Onion and honey mixture – It can cause wonders

Onion when used with honey can work great wonders for your hair. Massaging such a combined component can help you to achieve hair growth faster. Rum and onion juice can also be a good combination to initiate hair growth. This method can reduce hair loss till a large extent. You can use this solution as a rinsing mixture. This can make your hair look lustrous.

Consuming more onion – A boon in disguise?

Some experts suggest that you start to consume more onions; this can help you to achieve a better hair growth.

Onion juice rinsing process – The ultimate solution?

Boiling raw onions in water can help you with an increased volume of onion juice. You can use this mixture in order to rinse hair especially after you are done with a good quality shampoo.


These are certain natural remedies which are suggested, for people suffering from excessive hair loss. Having minimum side effects these kinds of remedies are absolutely home grown and involve a very little budget. Massaging onion juice intensely on the scalp can help you to get a lustrous hair while your hair loss can be reduced till a large extent.

However, you need to be careful with regards to hair loss, and it is suggested that extreme hair loss require a careful treatment.

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