Does Your Appearance Still Matter?

We live in a technologically advanced world run on computer chips. With such advancements in technology does your appearance still matter in the job arena or is skills and or education more important? From college degrees to specialized training and skills, there just does not seem to be any room left for the element of appearance. Who cares how you look or how you dress, just as long as you can get the job done right? According to Fortune, regardless of what you want to think or how you feel, your appearance does still matter in the job marketplace. The apparel you choose to wear and how you present yourself defines who you are and how others are going to view you. Although you might not live a superficial life where you judge others based on how they look, you can be assured that where ever you are planning on working they will judge on appearances. In another article, it discussed that unconsciously people tend to judge others based on appearances regardless of how they feel morally. The more attractive the person the more education they tend to have, better paid, more trusted, greatly respected and smarter. This may not be fair to the average looking person but that is just the type of world that will live in; one in which holds looks at a higher esteem than anything else.

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