Testosterone, a hormone produced fundamentally in male testicles, is one of the leading factors that govern male sexuality, and is also strongly correlated with bone as well as muscle development in men. A myriad of factors can contribute to decline in testosterone levels in men with time which can lead to catastrophic results. However, increasing understanding of human biology as well as advancement in technology has led to the discovery of a wide range of natural as well as artificial solutions of testosterone, which will raise level in men and women. In this article we will take a look at the importance of testosterone, the reasons why it decreases and remedies to the problem of declining testosterone levels known as hypogonadism.

Testosterone can decline in men once they cross the age boundary of 30 or 40. Hypogonadism can be the result of unluckiness in the genetic lottery. It could also be caused by diseases and infections such as an autoimmune disease or HIV. Hypothalamus and the pituitary glands in the brain are responsible for controlling testosterone production: malfunctioning of these due to an accident or trauma can also lead to the condition. Moreover, inflammatory diseases can be responsible for decline in testosterone.

Hypogonadism can lead to a significant deterioration in sexual health. It can worsen sexual performance and decrease libido. The blood circulation, especially to genitalia, is affected by testosterone levels: hence, it is responsible for the length, duration and firmness of erections in men. Furthermore, good testosterone levels can facilitate attaining the ideal body image by increasing oxygen and blood availability to muscles. It can also decrease fatigue by boosting energy levels. Lastly, lack of testosterone can lead to depression because of hormones as well as declining self-confidence.

Testosterone levels can be increased naturally through a variety of ways. Healthy diet is one key change you can make to boost this hormone. Epidemium, a plant native to China mostly, is one of the most common aphrodisiacs known and can significantly help in curing hypogonadism. Other common herbs and foods include maca root, tongkatali, deer antler velvet and tribulusterrestris. These foods provide your body with essential minerals, vitamins and nutritions that can be helpful in sustaining the functioning of pituitary gland as well as boosting blood flow and energy supply to various other organs. Some of these herbs help in generating free testosterone which is most useful for the body instead of testosterone that is bonded with other substances. They also help in fighting free radical which increases the signs of aging. Moreover, an active daily routine which keeps cholesterol and other hormones in check is vital alongside eating healthy to boost testosterone levels.

However, there comes a time when natural remedies fail due to a variety of reasons. At this point, you need to refer to a professional who can guide you about medicinal alternatives available. One effective method of testosterone restoration is to go for implants. After a thorough evaluation which includes checking for the hormone in a blood sample, you may qualify for implants. Implants are usually grain-sized pellets which are planted in the buttocks or in the abdomen through a minor skin cut. A cannula or another tubular instrument is used for this purpose. They are made from a fusion of crystalline testosterone at high temperatures under sterile lab conditions. After the implants take place you will notice a testosterone boost within a month.

All in all, testosterone is a vital hormone for male health. Many different measures can be taken to increase testosterone levels within both men and women naturally as well as through medication.

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