Motivational Weight Loss Tips

If you are thinking that your jeans are too tight or you need to slim down for that school reunion or for health reasons, starting a new healthy eating plan is always the hardest part. Some people say they will just have a “last fudge sundae” and start the diet tomorrow, but tomorrow comes and something doesn’t feel right. So it’s put off for another few days or a week. Some will wait till the first day of the year or the first day of the month, and still the time goes by.

What is needed, a new attitude and some motivation to set you off on the right path. Hopefully these diet motivational tips will inspire you to start afresh and keep you on the winning track to your goal weight.

  • Know your week’s menu in advance

 Planning and shopping for your week’s meals in advance is vital so you know your meal plan and won’t succumb to temptation by picking an unhealthy option when you are busy. If you keep meals varied and interesting, and experiment with healthy, delicious, low calorie versions of your favorites, you will start new habits that will keep you going.

Don’t think of your weight loss plan as deprivation, but the road to eating healthier and a new slimmer version of yourself. Once you get the ball rolling, it is easier to keep it going.

  • A support group will keep you motivated

 Enlist the support of friends to lose weight with you or join a support group, so you will be held to account for your food choices and to bolster your motivation. Even on-line dieting groups will give you a feeling of companionship so you don’t have to go it alone.

  • Use the power of imagination

 As “imagination is stronger than willpower”, dealing with temptation offers a chance to correct bad habits. Instead of saying “”I really shouldn’t eat that second helping” (willpower), focus your imagination on the opposite thing and keep that image in your mind (imagination). Picture yourself in that swimsuit or that goal of radiant health. Focus on that image until the idea becomes so exciting to you that you completely forget about “taking that bite”.

This exercise can be used for anything including getting off the couch to exercise or going to the gym. Practice this and you will find that temptation is fleeting and no match for a strongly imagined vision which keeps you sticking to your goal.

  • Introduce exercise into your day

 Adding fitness to your daily routine is the next trend to making fitness a lifestyle, according to many experts including this website. Find 2-3 of your favorite forms of exercise (strength training, walking, yoga, jogging, etc) or sport (tennis, swimming, badminton, etc) and fit 3-4 sessions into your week. The extra energy that will result should spur you on, increasing your metabolism to burn more fat and lift your mood.

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Mahatma Gandhi Eleanor

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