Anavar & Alcohol – a dangerous combination

Anavar a.k.a Oxandrolone is an anabolic androgenic supplement used in cutting cycles to shed fat. The potential ingredient Oxandrolone affects the liver. The alcohol standalone consumption itself is injurious to health. The combination of Anavar and alcohol affects the liver extremely. It is a schedule III substance which has the plenty of chances to get misused. Within a short cycle, about six weeks, users experience incredible weight loss along with stamina. However, Anavar is mildly anabolic and androgenic when compare to other AAS. That’s why most of the female athletes prefer Anavar in cutting cycle.

Anavar & Alcohol:

The anabolic supplements affect the liver very much. Certain AAS are tougher on the system because of its concentration and overall composition. If you are aware that Anavar will be hard on the liver, then you should avoid drinking alcohol (OR) if you want to take alcohol without any compromise, then cut down the Anavar usage for a few days. It is safer not to use any prohormones with alcohol. Bodybuilders and athletes usually stack Anavar and other anabolic androgenic supplements such as testosterone as an anti-estrogenic to reduce estrogenic side effects. Such stacking will increase the risk of liver damage. While combining Anavar with Trenbolone, the damage will be quite quick, because Trenbolone itself as a standalone work vigorously on the liver. If you combine two such AAS, then decide about your liver health.

The powerful effect of Anavar with alcohol is hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity). This Anavar pill has to undergo an alteration in carbon 17a which is known as carbon 17 alpha alkylation. The alteration allows Var to support the liver metabolic process with a high percentage of Anavar passing into the blood stream. Though it is a C 17 alpha alkylated, its hepatotoxicity is lesser than other anabolic drugs. Despite its less liver toxicity, one should follow 8-10 weeks of Var cycle. When you combine Var with Dianabol or Anadrol the cycle should be limited to 4-6 weeks. During the cycle, it is advised to take liver supplements to protect your liver. But it is strictly advised to stop using alcohol in between the Anavar cycle. Ibuprofen, Tylenol is being processed by the liver, so try to avoid those tablets during the drug cycle.

Anavar dose:

It is important to analyze whether you are taking the correct Anavar dose based on your body size and weight. It is not enough sure about your dosage, consult a doctor/ professional, discuss your goal behind the drug and proper dosage. Generally, Anavar dosage for men is 50 mg per day and for women is 10 mg per day. When anyone tries to exceed the recommended dose, then adverse side effects will be experienced. Men will experience Gynecomastia, water retention at higher doses and in long cycles. So, it is advised to stick on to the dose. Still, you want to attain the results rapidly, then stacking is the best option. But beware of the side effects. The combinación de anavar y anadrol does not only affect the liver and physiological system, but also the psychological side is much affected.

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