Hair loss is a major concern among people. Over the past few years, younger men and women are reporting premature hair loss with increasing frequency. Stressful jobs, poor dietary habits, medications, and genetics can lead to loss, thinning and breakage of hair. If extra strands of hair in your comb or in your shower drain are making you upset or embarrassed, don’t panic! Modern science and technology have recently developed new treatments which are effective for men and women dealing with these conditions.

Poor nutrition, genetics, overuse of products containing chemicals remove the natural oils from hair strands and weaken the bond between hair fibers, ultimately leading to dryness, breakage and hair fall. However, genetics remains the most prevalent factor influencing hair problems experienced by both men and women. This post is to guide you to better understand promising research which we at Hair Restoration Laboratories are constantly investigating and employing in our products to address and reverse hair loss, thinning and breakage.


Physical outlook and looks have always been extremely important. Hair not only gives shape to your face but also protects your skin from direct exposure to different temperatures. They are the natural part and parcel of your body and we understand that they are priceless! Therefore, if you are now experiencing hair-related problems, understand that you are not alone. We at Hair Restoration Laboratories are a team of people who suffered from hair loss at young age and thus nobody can understand the pain of losing hair better than us!


We treat the problem of hair thinning and hair loss in men and women through cutting-edge Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). As a part of this therapy, photons are radiated into the tissues and follicles in the scalp so that weak cells absorb them and regain their lost health. This helps the body regain lost nutrients and helps return follicles to their regular, intended processes. This therapy assists in repairing the hair tissues/follicles, thus strengthening and re-growing hairs! We understand that not all hair situations are the same, and thus for some individuals, LLLT needs to be combined with other treatments.

To bring LLLT to the public, we shook hands with one of the world’s most reliable and renowned manufacturers to produce units such as laser caps and combs which utilize this therapy to promote hair growth. This laser cap uses 272 laser diodes delivering optimal LLLT wavelengths to stimulate the growth of hairs. This laser cap is the latest in hair growth technology. It is lightweight, easy to use and doesn’t occupy your hands! So, if you think that taking control of your hair loss has never been that easy then this laser cap is going to change your views!

In addition to the laser cap, Hair Restoration Laboratories also offers a laser comb with 16 diodes (the most diodes of any laser comb on the market). This therapy, like the laser cap therapy, emits powerful laser deep into your scalp follicles, nourishing and revitalizing them to stop and reverse hair loss. The laser light brings necessary nutrients to hair follicles, increasing the capillary blood flow and eliminating wastes that are restricting your hair growth.


You might have come across various types of hair loss treatments including drugs and medicines. There are only two medications which are approved by FDA to treat hair loss and one of them is strictly approved to be prescribed only to men. Drugs have lot of side effects and are not effective for everybody! The other limitation is that they are very slow in showing results and thus by the time you learn that they are not improving your hair loss, you already have spent significant sums and probably lost more hair! LLLT helps to promptly stimulate and regenerate the hair follicles, significantly increasing hair strength, improving hair quality and texture and allowing healthy hair to regrow.


We understand that reviews from patients who are using Hair Restoration Laboratories’ LLLT products will assist you in deciding whether the Laser Cap or Laser Comb is for you. Therefore, our web page ( and our Facebook page provide numerous testimonials from our users. Both also offer numerous links to news articles and TV shows in which doctors and third party study groups substantiate how LLLT can be very beneficial to treat hair loss.


Due to the incredible popularity of LLLT, we have only limited supply of 2017 models of Hair Restoration Laboratories 272 Diode Laser Cap (only $399.99, yet utilizing the same technology as model selling for over $2500) and the 16 Diode Laser Comb (only $99.99, yet even better technology than the $600 competitor). We are providing you best, most innovative and quality hair loss treatment products at a price that suits your budget! As we mentioned, we too have experienced premature hair loss, and we can fully understand and relate to what you are going through! Hence, we are more inclined towards helping others in dealing with hair loss rather than generating outrageous profits. You need not compromise on your looks. Let Hair Restoration Laboratories restore your hair. Visit us at

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