Can hair transplant create new Hairline?

Usually, our hair goes through three main phases of their cycle which include the anagen or the growth stage, catagen or the transition stage, and third one telogen or the resting stage.

The resting age is the time when hair fall starts and growth stops. Most of the hair getting into rest mode leads to excessive hair loss resulting in baldness. When this baldness takes a particular pattern, then we usually call it as male pattern baldness.

You face is the first thing that you see when you look in the mirror and a receding hairline is just like a nightmare. But you need not worry about this because we at NHT have hair transplant techniques which will help in the creation of the Hairline to where you want it to be. Our hair transplant in Chennai is perfectly safe and natural. With our procedures and state of the art equipment, you won’t ever face any embarrassing grafty phase now.

What is a receding hairline?

Receding hairline is a type of progressive hair loss along with the thinning of the hair usually on the sides of the forehead which eventually turns into full baldness. It usually occurs due to genetics or with time and age. Receding hairline is often seen in men at some point in their life. It’s a fact that Receding hairline affects not only men but also women. Women are prone to this hairline issue due to their hereditary issues or hormonal issues. In women, the area is usually larger that forms the baldness.

To create a hairline that meets these higher expectations, greater numbers of smaller and natural looking follicular unit grafts (FU’s) are used in the hairline region. It has given us finer paintbrushes to create hairlines. It provides natural-looking results that are sustainable. Though the treatment is expensive as the procedure requires the expertise of a doctor and state of the art technology and tools to complete the proceedings yet it is worth investing in.

How does Hair Transplant work?

The process usually involves the removing of donor grafts from the back of the scalp and is implanted over the front portion for creating a hairline. With this procedure, you can also correct the shape of your hairline. Therefore, Deciding on where the new hairline should be is one of the critical aspects of surgical hair restoration. Surgeons carefully discuss with the patients to evaluate the proper position and design of the hairline on your face.

Have a look at the following guidelines that doctors usually follow while creating hairline!

The very first thing they do is to create the center by doing face divisions so that the hairline gives a compliment to your facial features. A good surgeon will always create a hairline after doing a proper work on follicle distribution. They irregularly arrange the hair follicles to create a soft, feathered and subtle hairline. Furthermore, the surgeon will create the hairline by keeping your facial contour, gender, ethnicity, age, and hair characteristic mind.

A poor hairline can be readily detectable, and all you will be going to hear from the people is that whether you have done something or using a wig. On the other hand, a perfect hairline will give you and your hair a natural look to feel proud of and will harmonize with your other facial features.

What is the role of Patient?

As a patient, it’s your responsibility to behave realistically which means you should set your goals and expectations responsibly. For example- if you are 50 years old and expecting a hairline as that of a 20-year-old boy, then do discuss your expectations with your doctor before the treatment and gain a real picture. After agreeing with you on an appropriate hairline pattern or design, your surgeon will graft hairs to restore the hairline which will match your natural hair growth, angle, and degree at which your normal hair grows at.

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