Fastest way to get into ketosis: 7 Effective Tips

Ketosis is a best natural diet process that helps you to stay healthy for a long time. In fact, the process becomes so familiar and helps you to keep track some renowned diet plan from it. This is often used for powerful weight loss within specific diet plan for everyone.

When your body gets into ketosis, then it relies on fat which acts as the main source for boosting energy. It forms by the compound as ketones that help suppress the appetite level in the body. There are several ways available to identify whether you are in ketosis. It tells about the diet patterns to keep you in ketosis ever.

Before you go into ketosis, you have to understand the Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – with Meal Plan – My Nutrition Advisor and follow that. It is critical in getting health benefits of ketosis within few days but following proper diet plan brings good results gradually. But most of the people looking for the fastest way to get benefits from ketosis. For this here we have added 7 effective tips that provide a complete guide to get results from keto diet quickly.

1. Significantly decrease carb intake

Your carb intake tells whether you are following the right diet plan or not. Ketosis does not allow you to intake high carb diet so for trying out ketosis; you need to lower the intake of carb foods. It helps you to stay healthy. The human body produces energy from glucose that is developed from the carb, but when you reduce the carb intake,  your body find another source for producing energy within it, and you will experience faster weight loss.

What do you need to eat?

  • Consume only low carb fruits
  • Intake low carb vegetable like pumpkin etc.
  • Intake only 12 grams carb to meet sign of ketosis
  • Fiber plays a significant role in a ketogenic diet, so you need to eat those foods, which are low in carb but hold enough fiber.
  • You should intake around 150-200 g of fat every day to maintain ketosis plan accordingly

    2. Increase of MCT intake

Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs are also important in Keto Diet, and you need to consume those foods which are rich in MCT. MCTs are a particular type of fatty acids, and those are found in chicken skin, bacon, etc. After entering a human body, MCT turns into ketones which produce energy. You need to increase the consumption of MCTs, and you will experience different health benefits including weight loss, etc.

Important facts about MCT:

  • It brings different health benefits like weight loss etc.
  • MCT improves physical performance.
  • It helps to control seizure.
  • Rich in coconut oil and relevant sustained ketosis.

    3. Increase healthy fat intake

Most of the people avoid fat while they are practicing for weight loss, but to get into ketosis quickly; you need to select those foods which are high in fat. You need to keep butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, etc. in your diet plan to get results from a ketogenic diet.

4. Do exercise regularly

Exercise is important for the person who tries to lose weight strategically, but it is especially relevant for managing ketosis function. Keto diet can be maintained easily with the physical activity performance. If you start the ketosis, the should perform physical exercise regularly. It can break fat cells within your body.

Exercise increases the ketone levels faster. You need to do specific types of exercises that are mainly focusing on high-intensity interval training, and it is the best option on following the ketosis plan. If you exercise regularly, that will help to decrease the glycogen stores faster.

5. Balance your protein carefully

Protein intake seems to be tricky, but you have to follow the proper ketosis plan for obtaining right protein level in the body. The particular evidence suggests with the more protein intake could eventually follow the ketosis plan accordingly. Consuming high amount of protein leads to increase glucose, and it also raises insulin levels. Higher insulin levels let your body store fat that creates an obstacle to reach ketosis.

In general, you need to consume adequate protein but should not take too much protein to your body. Intake Insufficient protein causes lean muscle along with fat, and you will not get a desirable outcome.

Keto is a process to consume the right amount of fat, protein, salt, magnesium and other healthy nutrients.  So, you should not consume a high amount of protein to distract the keto plan.   Indeed, many ketosis diets recommend dropping protein intake significantly by following proper diet plan without any trouble.

6. Go on a fast

Fasting will bring significant health benefit to you. No one can live without food. But sometimes opt to fast or not to consume foods for a certain period of time brings significant results. So many experts add fasting as an important part with keto. The most powerful example of this process is intermitting fasting that includes short term fasting results for managing the ketosis plan.

Intermittent fasting is not recommended for everyone. When you keep fasting,  the glycogen will reduce quickly, and your body produces energy from fat instead of a carb. You can follow 16:8 method to follow intermittent fasting. In this process, you can keep fasting 16 hours a day but consume food within an 8 hours window. You need to follow the right diet plan that suitable for healthy habits and works well with the other parts of this list. It slightly increases the MCT intake and healthy fats overall for boosting the energy level.

7. Eat when you hungry

You should take foods when you are hungry. It is an essential step when you are on a keto diet.  Due to an obsession with the foods, most of the individuals stuff themselves full while they eat tasty dishes, but it is not a sign of healthy habit. We advise consuming that amount of food which is needed for you.


From the above discussion, the people will get a clear idea regarding the Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – with Meal Plan – My Nutrition Advisor. However, this makes you achieve the biggest plan for overcoming excess fat and carb level in the body.

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