Common Health Problems after an Auto Accident

After being in car accident there is trauma on various levels. It is unfortunate but the pain after a car wreck at times will take a back seat to getting your car fixed and dealing with insurance. There is also the stress of missing work. These are all important but your health should be the priority, which is why it is important after a car accident to be seen after an auto injury at Chiropractor Clinic in Kennewick.

Health is important

When health is left not attended to, a minor fender bender can turn minor pain into permanent injury. Also, auto accidents cause trauma to the body such as sprain/strains, subluxation and other types of injuries to both the limbs and the spine. This is why it is advisable to have your spinal alignment checked after being in a car wreck. Even if you were seen at the emergency room and given medication for pain, you are probably still going to have discomfort that will be severe. But, a chiropractic exam will assess the spine and extremities for soft tissue injuries and joint problems sustained in the car wreck you were in. Kennewick Chiropractor is one place you can go to have these problems checked out.

Symptoms you might have

It is the most common injury and after a car wreck you could have a whiplash. Every year 3 million new whiplash injuries occur. Speeds in as little as 5 mph have many times been documented to result in whiplash injuries. Symptoms include:

  • Back pain after the wreck
  • Neck soreness and pain
  • Headaches or trouble sleeping following an accident
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Numbness or tingling in legs or arms

 So what exactly is a whiplash?

 The definition of whiplash is “A sudden snapping motion or change of direction similar to the lash of a whip”. This is the most common injury in a car wreck especially when hit from behind or colliding with another object. This will cause the sudden jerked forth and back beyond normal limits. The muscles and ligaments that support the spine as well as the head often are torn or overstretched. Often the car will have only minimal damage but the passengers can have considerable soft tissue injury.

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