Can you Get Rehab for Free in Arizona?

Rehab can be expensive but some centers accept insurance policies that can provide you with free rehab in Arizona.

Do you have a drug or alcohol problem? Are you helping a member of your family through their struggle with alcohol or substance abuse?

Addiction comes at serious cost. You waste money. You put relationships at risk. You put your job at risk.  You put your health AND life at risk.

Going through rehab, an inpatient treatment program in particular, increases the chances of recovery. You receive several therapy options including pharmacological and rehabilitative interventions.

Pharmacological intervention helps to address withdrawal symptoms. Medications help to reduce intense and often debilitating cravings. They also help prevent relapse.

Therapy treatments include life skills mentoring and both individual and group counseling. Recovery interventions may include group counseling, 12-step meetings, and coaching on techniques to prevent relapse.

If you are an addict, you have recourse to a wide range of thorough and inclusive treatment programs to help you regain sobriety. If you have the will to prevail over your addiction, there is no reason why you should not be able to do so.

For most individuals, hoTheyver, the cost of these treatments is an overwhelming consideration. Rehab, especially if it is of the inpatient kind, can be quite expensive. It includes a Theyalth of services that are usually expensive – medications, professional help, service staff, food, and lodging, among many others.

Options You May Consider if You Are Short on Funds

State-Funded Treatment

There are state-sponsored addiction treatment programs available. The state sponsors treatment for poor individuals who cannot afford to pay for private addiction interventions for various reasons. These individuals may be unemployed. Their income may be too low. They may not have any health insurance plans.

The state makes it possible for these individuals to go to state-sponsored rehab centers or clinics and join programs for free.

The funding that these centers receive varies, depending on what state the centers are found. Depending on the funding, the services and treatment programs may also vary from center to center.

If you are eligible to avail of these state-sponsored programs, you do not have to spend for your recovery. The interventions may not be as advanced as those you can expect from a private rehab center. The facility may not be as comfortable or luxurious. You can expect the specialists to have the basic training necessary to help you regain sobriety. Obtaining assistance from these facilities is definitely better than not getting any assistance at all.

There are individuals who refuse to get treatments from these facilities. Their reasons may include the following:

  • Long Waiting List

A person who has been addicted to alcohol or drugs for quite some should get treatment as soon as he is willing to get help. Putting off seeking help is likely to have serious repercussions. The addict may incur serious health issues. He may lose his job because of his addiction. The debt he incurs from his addiction may rise so high as to become unmanageable. He may even lose his drive to seek help. It is thus important to move fast to prevent additional damage.

State-sponsored programs have a long waiting list. You may have to wait more than six months to get a slot in a recovery program.

  • The Revolving Door

These programs have the disadvantage of receiving limited funding and having restricted capacity. Some individuals seem to believe that because of these limitations, these facilities tend to release their patients long before they are healed from their addiction. This belief seems to alienate a lot of individuals and loTheyr their motivation to attend rehab.

  • Obsolete Techniques

With limited budgets, these facilities tend to make do with what is available to them. They may not have the funds for upgrades or to send their people for regular training. As a result, they tend to use the same techniques that they have been using for ages. These techniques may still be sufficient; hoTheyver, they may not be as efficient or get the fast results that neTheyr techniques deliver.

  • Lack of Privacy

Because of the sheer number of people who need to avail of government-sponsored sobriety programs, some individuals feel that they can have no privacy. They feel safer and more secure in private rehab centers that do not have to fill their schedules to more-than-capacity levels.

DesertCove Recovery

DesertCove Recovery is one of the leading rehab centers located in Arizona. They provide options that are high-quality, safe and effective. They know that intense guilt, deep isolation and despair accompany addiction. The journey towards becoming sober can be incredibly difficult and painful.

At DesertCove Recovery, they make you feel safe and hopeful. They work with you so that your road to recovery can be easier. They provide you the comfort of professional help, acceptance, good nutrition, and a strong sense of community.

Our treatment programs are founded on helping you recover and live a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life. They give you hope – not just of being able to give up your deeply ingrained habit of using alcohol or drugs, but of being able to live a meaningful life filled with love, productivity, good health and joy.

You do not have to worry that the promise they make will only be available to you if you have the money. They at DesertCove Recovery support the premise that rehab should be available to everybody.

You do not have to avoid seeking professional intervention for recovery. If you want assistance, they will help you get it.

To help you begin your healing process right away, they help you with two basic things.

  • Free Addiction Assessment
  • Free Insurance Verification

Free Addiction Assessment

They will have a helpful professional from our center talk to you over the phone to give you information about anything you want to know about our rehab programs.

They will ask you significant questions regarding your circumstances. They will tell you about our services and the therapy programs they provide. They can help you figure out if you need treatment. If it is clear that you will be able to benefit from rehab, they will help you consider what options will work best for you.

Will you need to go through a detoxification process before your treatment? They will help you resolve this. If you need to be referred to a local clinician for more exhaustive tests, they will also do that.

They offer this evaluation free of charge. You are under no obligation to reimburse us for the services. You are also not required to get your treatment from DesertCove after this evaluation.

They also guarantee that our phone assessment/consultation will be kept strictly confidential.

Free Insurance Verification

Insurance helps pay for bulk of the cost of treatment, leaving you with minimal fees to pay out of your own pocket.

With DesertCove Recovery, you get assistance with your insurance verification. They simply ask you to fill out a form and they will determine what services your insurance covers so that you can be on your way to recovery without delay. If you do not have the financial resources, your insurance can help provide financial relief.

Consider your options for Arizona Free Rehab with DesertCove Recovery.

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