Drug Test And Synthetic Urine

In recent years, drug testing has become more common. In the past, drug testing was mostly carried out to athletics. However, more companies and governmental organization have made drug testing a requirement, to ensure that their organizations are drug-free. One of the most common methods of drug testing is the urine test, where an individual’s urine sample is taken to the laboratories to identify any traces of drugs.

Basics of Urine Drug Test

It is of importance we look at how urine drug test is carried. It mostly involves two phases. Phase one is simple and involves dipping an EMIT assay strip into the urine sample.  Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT), can be traced back in 1973, and in recent years it can gain much popularity as a technique for identifying drug substances. It involves monitoring the change of colors and comparing it to the sample. The rate of change will determine the concentration of the drug.

In cases where the drug test comes positive, a second test is carried out for confirmation. The second test is called the Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry. GC-MS is used to identify the particular drug elements. It is mainly carried in advance laboratories as it involves the use of unique instruments, which helps to give more accurate results. Urine drug testing includes testing the following components found in urine:

  • Creatinine level. The standard level for an adult is usually 15- 25 mg. Lower levels may indicate attempts at cheating.
  • Specific gravity. Normal level is 1.003- 1.03, any deviation may indicate cheating.
  • PH level. Drug test also show pH level, if the lab results indicate difference from 4.0 -9.0, which is the average pH of a person. May lead to assumption of cheating.
  • Evidence of nitrate is an evidence of cheating as a normal human urine does not contain nitrate.
  • Uric Acid. Normal human body produces uric acid. The absence of uric acid is a clear indication of cheating or the use of fake urine.
  • This is a key aspect as most human urine temperature is between 32° and 38 degrees (90°- 100° F)
  • This is drug masking product, which when found in an urine sample indicates cheating as the normal human body does not produce it.

How to Beat Drug Test Using Synthetic Urine

In every test known to man, there is always a way to beat it.  So let’s look at how the use of synthetic urine can help you beat a drug test.  So what is synthetic urine?  Synthetic urine is a powder created in laboratories, and when mixed with water, it resembles urine. Apart from resemblance, it also has chemical components which are similar to real urine. In essence, synthetic urine helps to give a drug-free test result, when sent to laboratories.

However, it is important to know how to use synthetic urine to beat a drug test. The following are some of the key elements you should look at if you decide to use it.

Your budget will determine if you will get caught or not. Synthetic urine comes in different price ranges. The cheap brands are easily detectable as some may contain Glutaraldehyde, which is not naturally found in natural urine and is used for masking the presence of drug substances. Also, some of the cheap brands may lack uric acid, which is a component found in all human urine. So it is important to invest in buying the latest and quality synthetic urine.

When it comes to beating urine test, it all depends on if you can pull it off. You can buy the best synthetic urine kit, but if you are unable to pull it off, you would have wasted your time and resources buying the synthetic urine. So the following are techniques, which you can use to utilize the synthetic urine under supervision:

  • One of the classic techniques is bag tapping on your inner thighs
  • If you are a woman, you can place the synthetic urine in your vagina
  • Also, as a female, you can place it within your bra
  • Use of synthetic urine belt

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