List of Arizona Addiction Rehabs: SpringBoard on #1 Spot

With plenty of Arizona addiction rehabs to choose from, it’s important to find the best facility that provides specialized treatment programs for addicts.

If you’re planning for a sober future, knowing the most reliable rehab center is the first thing to do. With Arizona addiction rehabs, you don’t need to travel just to find the right treatment program that you need. These great facilities available in the entire Arizona region help people recover from addiction in the most effective way possible. But which local treatment facility is the most trusted by people?

Seeking Local Addiction Rehab

Finding a local treatment center in your area can save more time and money than traveling away from home to seek help from other rehabs. Besides, it’s easier to recover when you’re close to home with your family and friends. With SpringBoard Recovery, we will provide you with the best treatment program that matches your unique needs for ultimate recovery.

Detoxing from drugs, alcohol, and other substances can be easier with a strong support system from family and friends. Recovering addicts also enjoy a clean break while staying in relaxing environments where facilities are located. With the right atmosphere and refreshing setting, addicted people will feel positive about recovering throughout their stay. So if you are from Arizona, there are local options you can choose from for your sober future.

Arizona Addiction Rehabs

It is our privilege to help you find the perfect addiction rehab that will provide you with the right treatment in Arizona. These featured treatment facilities are ready to give you specialized addiction recovery therapies to guarantee results. Here are the top listings for Arizona addiction rehabs and facilities that you can choose from:

1. SpringBoard:

Aside from free insurance verification and free addiction assessment, SpringBoard is dedicated to provide effective recovery approach with lasting results. With specialized drugs and alcohol rehabilitation programs, clients enjoy sober living after stepping out of the rehab. There’s group counseling that allow people to seek employment or keep their job while recovering from addiction. The mission is to design an ideal recovery program that suits the needs of each guest. The addiction treatment programs currently offered include drugs and alcohol rehab Scottsdale, addiction counseling, and sober living.

2. Native American Connections:

This is an outpatient clinic that offers recovery programs in North Central Avenue, Phoenix. In 1972, it started offering programs in Phoenix with self-help support groups for men who are Native Americans. Today, the programs it offers include healing programs and residential treatment that help adults, families, and even their children.

3. Renaissance House:

This Level II Behavioral Health Center offers detoxification, residential treatment, and other substance abuse recovery programs. However, its primary services are focused on women who struggle with drugs and alcohol addiction while being homeless.

4. Native Americans for Community Action:

The recovery programs for substance abuse provided by Native Americans for Action are relapse prevention, early recovery, and traditional treatment groups. It also offers behavioral service such as outpatient treatment, group and individual therapies, mental health counseling, and assessment.

5. Parker Indian Health Center:

This is a state-funded health center that offers various health programs for families, children, and individuals who need medical help. The member includes the 5 tribes of the Native American region.

6. Ebony House:

This is a not for profit organization that has been providing services for more than 40 years now. It provides rehabilitation programs for adults, families, and children. Patients get specialized treatment options to ensure they receive the exact help they need.

7. Community Bridges:

With various programs offered by Community Bridges, both children and adults take advantage of addiction treatment services for complete recovery. The outpatient rehab option is common among recovering individuals in Arizona.

8. Patina Wellness Center:

This residential drugs and alcohol rehab program is focused on treating the body, mind, and spirit. The methods include holistic approach, traditional healing techniques, and other related therapies. With 70 beds for men and women, special accommodations are also provided to suit unique needs of clients.

9. La Frontera:

For more than 45 years, La Frontera offers inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for people who struggle with addiction. There are offices and housing complexes in multiple communities across Arizona. The programs focus on various behavioral healths to help individuals with addiction issues.

10. White Mountain Apache Tribe:

The health programs offered by White Mountain provide behavioral health service to members. Either they are suffering from mental health problems or addiction, this treatment facility welcome those who need guidance and support.

These are only some of the top Arizona addiction rehabs that you can choose for your recovery needs. You are guaranteed to benefit from choosing the best treatment facility like SpringBoard. The only challenge is getting enough courage and motivation to complete the rehab program. There are professional advisers to guide you throughout the program.

Wide Range of Addiction Treatment in Arizona

Substance recovery programs include various stages that are important in overcoming drug or alcohol dependence. Most cases of drugs and alcohol treatment encompasses detoxification period, rehabilitation program, and other necessary addiction treatment to help individuals become independent from substance use. You can contact your local addiction rehab today to ensure a care plan that matches your exact needs.

Aftercare & Sober Living

After completing a substance abuse treatment program, rest assured that you can live a normal life again. However, to continue your sober living, it’s important to follow the advice of your counselor. Temptations may still haunt you when going back to your daily routine. This is why it’s necessary to visit your local substance addiction specialist to properly guide you on what to do when the cravings kick in.

When you depend on drugs and alcohol, you’re not only ruining your life but also your family and loved ones. Become drug and alcohol free and live a happier life by consulting a local rehab center today. There’s nothing wrong in asking for help especially when it comes to addiction problems. So, are you ready to enjoy sober living by choosing from these Arizona addiction rehabs?

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