Gynecological Problems Women Can Have from Bike Cycling

Male impotence from cycling is a familiar topic. But, we rarely hear about the list of gynecological problems that women cyclists may encounter.

Setting on the saddle

It is known that the time spent setting on the saddle seat of a bicycle can in some cases affect a person’s sexual health. Men cyclists occasional have numbness to impotence and erectile dysfunction. There are differences when it is a woman. There has not been much written about women’s issues with soft tissue. After searching, there is a European study that was published in the British Medical Journal in 2003 that included women cyclist.

Further information

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Professor Luc Baevons

Professor Luc Baevons, who is a gynecologist with the Center Hospitalier Universitaire Brugmen in Brussel, specializes in sport medicine and found that these can allbe problems that can be found in female cyclist:

  • Numbness
  • Chronic swelling
  • Skin infections
  • Chronic lymphatic damage

These are all common among females who cycle. Over 60 percent of the sample group reported discomfort in the genital area.

The reason

The body contacts the bike saddle at 3 points:

  • Points one and two – your sit bones also known as the ischial tuberosities
  • Points three – soft-tissue between your legs

These sit bones are intended to withstand the weight of a body and pressure, while the soft-tissue of the genitalia area is not. While on rides that are long, this pressure exerted on soft-tissue can cause painful irritation of the skin and constricts blood flow. This also can deaden the nerves.

Study of both sexes

In a study with both female and male cyclists, Dr. Sommer who is a urologist in Germany at the University of Cologne, has found that the posture while biking affects pressure and blood supply to the genital area. The more stretched out you get on the bike the more pressure can be put on the soft-tissue and the more the pressure becomes thelikelihood of sexual health problems. This study also found when a female biker with her body at 30 degrees to the horizontal may experience as much as 70 percent reduction in the supply of blood to the genitals.

Online talk with gynecologist

If you believe this is the problem you are having; go to and discuss this with a gynecologist.

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