HGH and Anavar Cycle – Are They the Same?

There is always a kind of confusion about the practical use of HGH and Anavar and their differences. In this post we will discuss in detail about the difference, similarity and effectiveness of both HGH and Anavar cycle. This will help you better understand their differences.

Mechanism of HGH

Human Growth Hormone supplements or HGH as they are commonly known provide majorly two benefits from aspect of bodybuilding. First they help with muscle building and second they help with the fat burning process.

In our body the growth of muscles is stimulated by a growth factor known as IGF-1. HGH when absorbed by liver stimulates the production of IGF-1 which has growth stimulating effects of many tissues and cells by binding to them and enhancing protein synthesis. The fat burning benefit of HGH supplements is because of direct effect of growth hormone on fat cells. HGH burns fat down for production of glucose that acts as the source of energy for the production of muscles.

Is HGH a steroid?

No, HGH and steroids are entirely different. Steroids are the variations of testosterone that are synthetic cycloalcanes whereas HGH is a single chained polypeptide that is made from 191 amino acids. The only similarity between the two is the anabolic potency so when used in combination they can maximize the bodybuilding benefits.

Mechanism of Anavar

Anavar is a steroid and its acting mechanism is different. When introduced into blood stream through injections the Anavar molecules spread in body. These molecules then react with brain, fat, tissue, bone and skeletal muscle cells to stimulate growth. The anabolic steroids are different from HGH because they are fat soluble and can pass through cell membrane. Once they enter cells they bind to the androgen receptors of cytoplasm and nucleus. These activated receptors accelerate the process of protein synthesis.

Difference between HGH and Anavar

Beside their chemical structure difference, Human Growth Hormone supplements and Anavar are distinctive in other aspects as well.

  • Both bind to different receptors. While Anavar binds to androgen receptors, growth hormones work with somatotropin receptor, IGF-1 receptor and insulin receptor.
  • HGH is stronger fat burner as compared to Anavar.
  • Steroids like Anavar are still more efficient for muscle building but growth hormones are safer.
  • HGH can heal ligaments and joints that are usually burnt during bodybuilding.

Therefore HGH and Anavar cycles are not the same and you should consider the pros and cons of both.

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