HGH and Birth Control: Can they be combined?

Birth control often brings in a myriad of troubles for women who are seeking refuse from being pregnant. All in themselves most of the birth control measures are safe and successful but problems arise when they are mixed with other medications and supplements. Women using HGH often face the dilemma of whether to use these supplements with birth control or not.

Among all the birth control measures use of contraceptive pills is most prevalent. These are hormonal pills that prevent conception making use of negative feedback mechanism. With you use supplements like HGH which stimulate hormonal changes then chances of interaction between the two is high.

To prevent pregnancy birth control regimen works mainly in three ways:

  • Preventing pregnancy by avoiding fertilization of the ovum
  • Preventing blastocyst implantation
  • Chemically or surgically abortion of the developing embryo or fetus.

Let’s find out whether HGH and Birth Control are compatible or not.

HGH and Birth Control

To under how these two are associated we need to understand the path-o-physiology of HGH supplements. Growth hormone is a single chained poly peptide which is protein based hormone. Its secretion is essential for cell regeneration in humans. HGH stimulates growth and functioning of all other hormones and this is why it is known as the master hormone.

HGH is not fat soluble therefore it is not possible for growth hormone to pass through the sarcolemma. To stimulate the growth of cells beyond the sarcolemma, HGH makes use of a second messenger called the insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF 1). On entering the liver, HGH stimulates the production of IGF-1 which is a powerful hormone with growth-stimulating effects on tissues and bone cells.

As per many studies with use of contraceptive pills levels of growth hormone is found to increase. Also the plasma levels of both GH and ACTH are enhanced in women using contraceptive pill. This makes it essential that you consult your doctor before taking any supplementation. HGH for women is promoted by healthcare provider but they warm against unsupervised used of supplements. If you are on any kind of OCP then it is essential to consult your doctor before using any HGH product.

Women who lead an active lifestyle and want to have a beautiful body often turn to HGH supplements. However HGH for women should be used with care when birth control pills are involved.

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