Role of the Human Growth Hormone in Treating Arthritis

Aging brings in many biological changes in our body. These changes cause muscle and bone changes that can result in a number of health problems. Arthritis is one such problem that arises in adults causing pain and discomfort. Many studies have proved the link between HGH or Human Growth Hormone and arthritis.

Produced by the pituitary gland HGH is a naturally occurring hormone secreted by the somatotroph cells. HGH further stimulates production of insulin like growth factor 1 also known as IGF-1 which enables body to heal injured cells. IGF-1 also helps in mineralization of bones and makes ligaments and joints stronger.

HGH and Arthritis

As we age our ligament wear out. The ability of body to absorb nutrients is hampered and there is demineralization of bones. This causes reduced bone density and wear & tear of cartilage. Worn out cartilage is not able to restore synovial fluid that causes them to become rigid. Rigid cartilage causes damaged and painful joints. Due to rigidity the range of movement and flexibility of joints is reduced. This causes painful motion and discomfort. This is the onset of arthritis.

Usually for pain relief anti inflammatory non-steroidal drugs are given but they have temporary effect. These drugs can relieve the pain but do no good to underlying cartilage damage. To eliminate the arthritis there is need of drugs that can regenerate cartilage restoring flexibility and movement of joints. HGH therapy provides the solution for the underlying problem.

With use of HGH Pills the bone cells are changed into cartilage cells through the process of Morphoangiogenesis. According to experts with use of HGH supplements for therapy there is enhanced chondrocytes cell division and multiplication which helps in formation of cartilage. Also HGH enhances body’s absorption of calcium and minerals which helps in bone mineralization. This prevents any loss of synovial fluid from cartilage joints which ceases arthritis growth.

In many studies it is proven that with HGH therapy the joint movement is improved. It also strengthens the locomotive system of the body and decreases joint pain and stiffness. By stimulating IGF-1, HGH promotes production of chondrocyte and osteoblast that enhances bone growth. For relief from arthritis pain the cartilage should be regenerated. HGH therapy provides the best mechanism for cartilage regeneration that makes joints flexible.

HGH can be very helpful in treatment of arthritis pain and you should consult your healthcare provider for more details.

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