Types Of Male Enhancement Products Available In Market

At the present time there are more male enhancement products in the market than ever before. For any beginner choice of a male enhancement can be really overwhelming. Too many types of the male enhancement products is not the only problem, but the scams and bogus products also add to the problems.

To make the choice easier for you, here we are going to list all types of male enhancement products along with their details. Let’s get started.

Male Enhancement Pills

There’s a reason why we are starting with male enhancement pills. The reason is the safety and ease of use. There are all sorts of sex pills for males available. Ranging from the most popular blue pill to the safe & natural supplements made from herbs like horny goat weed.  While selecting a male enhancement pill you need to take care of what primary function you are looking for. As prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis provide instant relief from erectile dysfunction, but over-the-counter male performance supplements work on a deeper level to not only benefit erectile dysfunction but also enhance pleasure and increase size.

Enhancement Creams, Gels and Oils

Popularity of topical male enhancement products like gels and creams is also on the rise. The working of these supplements is similar to male enhancement pills, the only difference being their ingredients enter the body through transdermal delivery. Male enhancement oils, lotions, creams, gels and patches all have instant performing ingredients that are supposed to be instantaneously effective. Maxoderm and  VigRX Oil are some popular topical male enhancement products, gaining popularity for their benefit of use with products like penis extenders and pumps that maximizes the benefits.

Ejaculation Enhancers to Increase Semen

Male enhancement products are not only to enlarge the penis but also to enhance sexual experience on many fronts. Increasing semen count is also important for a pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience. Low semen count is a far greater problem than small penis size, as it can cause not only weaker orgasms, but can also have an adverse effect on psychological health.

It is normal for semen to decrease with increasing age, this affects their performance and experience in bed. Fortunately, due to better understanding of ingredients that increase semen production there are ejaculation enhancers available to help males.

Penis Extenders and Pumps

Enough with dietary and topical supplements, now lets talk about mechanical male enhancement products. Penis extenders and pumps are the common types of products that used for the only benefit of increasing penile size. While other supplements work on increasing penis size over the time, but their prime role is to enhance sexual performance. However, extenders and pumps are proven alternatives to enlarge penis size by stretching it. These devices stretch the tissue and cells of the penis resulting in their division that makes penis larger and thicker. The only problem with these mechanical male enhancement products is that they need to use for long hours and cannot be used under the cloth.

These male enhancement products are fine on their own, but you can really maximize the benefits in minimum time by using these products in combination.


If you are new to male enhancement than choice can be overwhelming. Here we have listed major types of male enhancement products you can consider.

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