Are Over The Counter Diet Pills Safe?


Many people think that all over the counter diet pills are safe and can be used freely. Because if it is unsafe, the doctor has to prescribe it. But this thought is totally wrong.

There are two kinds of diet pills currently available in pharmacies, prescription products and nonprescription diet pills called over the counter one. Both of these require proper use to be effective and safe.

Are Over The Counter Diet Pills Safe?

Prescription weight loss pills are the medicine that if it’s not be used properly, which can be dangerous to the lives and health of the users. The over the counter appetite suppressant pills, also known as OTC, is low-toxicity products with no serious adverse effects.

OTC pills are also used in the treatment of common ailments and users can self-treat, do not necessarily have a medical examination, prescribing or monitoring by the doctor.

There are two types of OTC weight loss pills: the list of pharmaceuticals and the list of medicines derived from medicinal materials.

However, in the list of over the counter diet pills, there are supplements that have compulsory compliance with the distributors and consumers, so it’s not an unconditional ease of use.


Be more cautious than prescription supplements

It is true that over the counter diet pills like phentermine are considered to be safe, but users must have certain knowledge about them for safe and effective use, especially dosage and usage.

In the present situation, the best way to get information about medicines, especially over the counter diet pills, is to read the instructions for use carefully. If you just buy a dose or a pack of pills, not buy the whole box, you still have the right to ask pharmacies to see this sheet.

In the directions for use, you need to read: ingredients, indications, contraindications, dosage, drug interactions, … before using any weight loss supplements. Reading labels can also help you avoid medications that you have allergies.

Some diet pills may not be used with other medications because they can lead to dangerous interactions when taken with a combination. Because some drugs can cause life-threatening interactions, you should tell your doctor or pharmacist about all the medications and supplements you are taking, even the over the counter pills and vitamins, herbs.

In sum, both prescription and over the counter diet pills require proper use. Especially the over the counter one because consumers can buy it easily, so the more cautious the users should be.


After reading this post, I hope you can choose to use a suitable over the counter weight loss pills to ensure your health, and have a successful diet plan. If you have any question, feel free to leave your comment in the box below and share the post if you like it. Thank you so much for reading and hope to see you in the next post, with more helpful information.

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