Stretch Marks – How they Happen and How to Manage and Treat with Natural Products

This website is for those people who are having skin problems as well as for women who have stretch marks. One of the categories is all about stretch marks. Pregnancy stretch marks can be a frustration to a period in a women’s life that is already quite busy.

Period of excitement for women

Pregnancy is said by many to be a period of excitement for women as it is often linked with many challenges. One of those challenges is weight gained during this period is usually very sudden which is one of the many reasons for stretch marks.

Not all women

And of course, not all women are affected with stretch marks. Some even manage to walk through the entire journey without them. But stretch marks affect almost everyone and they are not just found with pregnant women.

Stretch marks happen due to other problems

They are mainly a result of stretching of the skin either due to additional weight gain or growth that is rapid during puberty. They also can occur due to the extended use of some medications or long-term use of steroids causing rapid growth of the muscle.


There are some conditions that are also associated with stretch marks such as Cushing’s syndrome and Marfan syndrome which are two of the genetic disorders or disease that cause widespread stretch marks.


Stretch marks often start with itching around the area where the skin is stretching as it becomes pink and starts thinning out. The fact is that this growth is sudden and leads to the skin stretching out.

Pressure which is exerted

The pressure which is exerted on the outer layer of the skin leads to formation of the stretch marks. But stretch marks are not threatening to your health or life.

Natural treatments

Natural treatment of stretch marks includes:

  • Castor oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Egg whites
  • Lemon juice

Treated or managed successfully

Knowing that stretch marks can be treated or managed successfully, is also important to understand the many factors which are needed to be taken into consideration to ensure that the correct decision is made and the desired results are obtained during the process.

There are more articles at to help everyone to learn more about taking care of the skin.

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