How Different Euphoria Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Gold Coast Is

Euphoria Cosmetic Medicine Clinic Gold Coast has as their cause or goal that all their clients will leave feeling beautiful, relaxed, classy, and friendly. Our clinic is always clean, inviting and professional.

Founder and Owner

The founder and owner of Euphoria, has been in the Cosmetic Medicine field for 13 years. She knew perfectly what type of atmosphere she wanted this Clinic to display. So, when you enter their clinic you will find a place that makes you feel welcomed and safe.

First impressions

First impressions are important whether of a person or a business. They always last for places such as Euphoria and they know that you will remember your 1st experience. So, they want your first impression of them to be lasting so you’ll remember your first experience at Euphoria for all the right reasons.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Therefore, Euphoria is diverse than other clinics by having their Peace of Mind Guarantee. This means they guarantee to deliver quality treatments that are safe, with levels high of medical expertise, honesty, care and respect.

Medical Professionals

 Often when individuals think about treatments for the face, they think of them only as beauty treatments as many of these procedures are often given alongside other non-medical procedures such as waxing and facials. They are often performed in non-medical businesses such as hairdressers, beauty salons, and nail salons. Euphoria is not a beauty salon they are a medical clinic with strict hygiene regulations and medical equipment. They also believe strongly that medical treatments should only be completed by medical professionals who are registered and in a medical facility.

Legal requirement

It is a requirement of the law in Australia in QLD that any injection given by a ‘Registered Nurse Cosmetic Injector’ be ordered by a prescribing physician. This physician is the one prescribing any medications on Schedule 4 such as:

Part of treatment

During your time at the clinic, you will have an appointment with your prescribing doctor before your treatment. The doctor will talk with you about his plan for your treatment, go over your medical history as well as any contraindications, and see if you have any questions.

Entire experience

At this place, they use only high-quality products; it is about the entire experience. Not every clinic is the same and it is vital to remember this when choosing a clinic for cosmetic medicine treatments.

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