4 Things An Esthetician Should Know

A lot of people are making appointments to see an esthetician today. It makes a lot of sense, actually, since these beauty and skin care professionals can offer certain procedures that can make you look and feel better, without having to visit a doctor. In fact, many of the services offered by an esthetician are non-surgical and non-invasive, like Coolsculpting by Mediluxe.


Obviously, you might visit an esthetician because you seek help with skin care. Whether you are looking for better ways to take care of healthy skin or are looking for strategies to restore some vibrance to aging skin, an esthetician should have some excellent strategies for you.

Typically, a visit with an esthetician begins with a detailed skin evaluation in order to determine the present condition of your skin, of course, so that you can decide on a course of treatment.  In addition to this, an esthetician may also:

  • Perform facial massages
  • Apply chemical pigs
  • Perform professional skin care facials
  • Perform professional skin care extractions
  • Demonstrate effective skin care and cleaning techniques for the patient
  • Recommend new skin care and cleaning regimens
  • Remove facial hair
  • Remove body hair
  • Apply chemical peels
  • Apply treatment masks
  • Educate client on various aspects of skin care and personal hygiene/beauty including cosmetics, facial care, hair care, and nail care


One area in which estheticians specialize is makeup and cosmetics.  Obviously you pursue the services of an esthetician to improve your skin’s health and appearance, so if you are going to wear makeup, it makes sense to use the best types, colors, and techniques to serve your skin tone and complexion.  This can include:

  • Makeup application instruction
  • Recommend cosmetic products
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting


While estheticians are not necessarily doctors, some are qualified—and certified—to perform a variety of medical procedures related to skin care.  In some cases they might work hand in hand with a cosmetic or plastic surgeon or dermatologist to provide a specialized service for a client.

  • Pre-op skin care
  • Refer clients to specialists or other medical or beauty professionals who may more appropriately cater to their needs
  • Clean and maintain and sterilize procedural equipment and related work areas
  • Assist in medication and treatment administration


Most estheticians work independently, even those who might work through a clinic.  As such, estheticians should have good business sense. This could include?

  • Record keeping
  • Customer service
  • Business transactions
  • Evaluate and purchase inventory, supplies, etc
  • Maintain appointments
  • Sell appropriate merchandise

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