The Treasures Chest of Mindfulness

This organization works with independent-minded and intelligent people. The pupils are keen to learn the best ways to get past difficulties and to become more skilled at how to deal with life’s problems. Many of these candidates for pupils are self-employed, retired professionals, and business owners.

Pass their problems

Those who get the most out of these mindfulness coaching and therapy are those people who have already tried to make changes but have not found the right type of help yet. These clients are enthusiastic or often ‘driven’ to get pass their problems. They are ready to try to learn new skills, ideals as well as new strategies to help clients get unstuck.

Tried self-help

Most often clients have tried self-help programs or books or have even hired coaches or therapists, but are still struggling to become free from the same old problems. These people usually reach the conclusion that having to fight, overwhelmed, or just using will power to make these changes, just cannot be sustained.

Typical clients

They work with those who value a practical and common-sense approach to working on situations with difficult emotions. This doesn’t require that the client spend endless hours talking over their problems and focusing on why this happen. The Mavericks aim did or goal is to aid a client with a rewarding and rich life while learning to deal differently and more effectively with life’s problems.

Mindfulness Mavericks

Mindfulness Mavericks was begun by Joy Taylor and John Nolan two Sheffield based Mindfulness/Meditation practitioners with each having over twenty years’ involvement in these fields of natural health enhancement, mind/body healing, personal development. John Nolan also teaches Zenways in Sheffield. Zenways is a mindfulness meditation training school; Nolan has just been certified in Zenways.

Studied with the best

Both instructors studied extensively and trained with many of the high caliber teachers in this respective wellbeing and health fields.

Their useful and online free “Calming an Anxious Mind” course teaches about anxiety as well as how to make it disappear.

Check to see if there are any local Mindfulness classes being taught in your location.

Current workshop

They have some “Calming an Anxious Mind” workshops evolving for later in 2018 – dates will be soon announced.

More workshops and courses coming soon are:

  • Mindful Listening
  • 4-week – Mindfulness for busy people
  • 8-week – Adventures in mindfulness for health and wellbeing
  • ‘Mind your own business’ Mindfulness – survival aids for owners of business
  • ‘Feet on the ground’ Meditation for beginners
  • Taming your mind with mindfulness

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