Trying to lose weight? Avoid these 4 foods

The foods you eat can either aid in your weight loss efforts or sabotage them. It doesn’t matter where you put in ten hours gym time, if you don’t get your eating habit right you’d be running against the mill trying to lose weight.

I believe that’s not your goal – you want every one of your efforts to count; you want your meals to be a catalyst for shedding more fats, and you want all the workout time to impact on your overall body weight. If these are your goals then, here are four foods you must avoid like a plague and while at it, you may want to consider seeing a nutritionist at Arlington Weight Loss Clinic for a personalized diet plan.

French Fries and potato chips

Potato chips are America’s sin-food, it’s like a staple food for those lazy evenings spent in front of the television. The thing is potatoes in and of themselves is healthy, nutritious food but once it is fried, with all the flavoring, packaging and preservatives it becomes a health-time bomb waiting to happen.

In fact, according to the Canadian Health Department, acrylamide – a highly carcinogenic substance – is found in large quantities in potato chips.

 Another food with high content of acrylamide in French fries, this chemical not only increases the odds of cancer, and it can lead to inflammation of the gonads, and also upsets the body PH balances.

So, if losing weight is your thing, then these foods must go from your diet.

Ultra-Processed Foods

Refined foods contain a high dose of GMO ingredients, artificial sweeteners, and other unhealthy substances that make them prime trigger for weight issues. These processed foods like processed soya bean, refined vegetable oil, and inferior meats are treated with chemicals that act as endocrine disruptors hence upsetting the hormonal balance that is counterproductive to your weight-loss efforts.

So instead of going for those commercial, canned, packaged foods buy fresh, whole and organic goods.


Stay away completely from this meat, as long as you’re on a weight-loss mission cut out bacon from your diet. According to a research journal, a daily consumption of the bacon meat increases the odds for a heart disease and diabetes by 42 percent.

If you’re still not convinced here’s another report about the impact of a daily consumption of bacon, researchers from the University of Columbia found that there’s a link between including bacon in your diet 14 times in a month and a damaged, diseased lungs.

So, if your weight loss program involves having a meal that has bacon then it’s time to change the program – you don’t want to risk your overall health here, right?

Ice cream

We love our Ice cream, or at least most of us do. But, while it might be OK to enjoy a treat of some creamy goodness once in a while – one should be careful not to make it a daily habit – and even at that, choosing healthy alternatives is still the best option.

The thing is most commercially available ice creams have unhealthy ingredients such as artificial colors and flavors, chemical substances that might be neurotoxins, and trans-fats. All these are potentially harmful to the boy and go a long way in defeating the weight-loss efforts.

What are you going to do? Instead of purchasing ice creams out of the shelve, plan to enjoy a home-made ice cream; that way you’re sure of what’s going into your yummy treat.

Summarizing, we believe that weight loss programs should be holistic, taking into account an individual’s health history, dietary and nutritional needs, and incorporating appropriate workout regimes to produce fast and long-lasting effects.

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