The Best Ways to Go About Removing Varicose Veins

Blood in the veins only ever flows one way. There are things called valves which stop the blood from flowing backwards. When these valves stop functioning properly in a particular area on the body, the blood starts collect here rather than flowing towards the heart. This causes the enlargement and inflammation which is referred to as varicose veins.

They typically occur in the lower legs as they are furthest away from the heart. Gravity also plays apart by making it difficult for the blood to flow upwards. Although it generally appears more in woman, it is possible for men to have this issue too. The causes of them include: standing for long periods of time, older age, menopause, obesity and genetics.

They aren’t usually life threating, but can cause the host a lot of pain and discomfort. The sight of them can also be unpleasant, leading to major insecurities for some people. In some unfortunate cases, having this condition over time can result in blood clots and ruptures which are a big health risk.

It is a clear fact that the easiest, most time efficient way to resolve any kind of health problem is to visit a doctor. Removing varicose veins is no exception. There are however, things that one suffering from this problem can do at home to remove or at least help to lessen the effects of them.

Making Lifestyle Changes

Yes, as always, one of the main things to do when experiencing most health issues is to make some lifestyle changes. And yes, those lifestyle changes are to do with diet as well as exercise. It’s a hard road when breaking old habits and creating new ones, but the benefits are worth it.

Someone who is has varices of should be looking at their diet. Fatty saturated foods, too much sugar, and excessive alcohol are leading causes for a lot of health problems including varices. All of these substances put the body under a lot of pressure. Excess sugar is turned to and stored as fat. Excessive fat puts the heart under a lot of strain, preventing proper blood flow around the body.

Regularly exercising and increasing the heart rate allows for optimal blood circulation, thus reducing the build up a blood in a certain area.

Opt for Loose Clothing Over Tight Clothes

Similar to how gravity can disrupt proper blood flow through the body, so can wearing tight clothing. When confronted with this issue, opt for looser, less restrictive clothes. They’re usually much more comfortable anyway, but will also allow the blood flow much easier back towards the heart.

This isn’t a guaranteed way to extinguish the problem but it’s a good way to relieve pain and lessen the effects.

Using Compression Stockings

Compression stockings go on pretty much like normal stockings or socks (if the affected area is on the legs). It can be confusing because almost all doctors will advise not to wear tight clothing, but compression stockings are different! This is because they’re specifically designed to apply the required pressure to a correct area. This applied pressure aids blood to flow correctly through the system.

These stocking are an easy short term fix, especially for people who are constantly on the go. They’re available at most chemists and drugstores and can fit comfortable under clothing if need be. Many people dealing with varices can become self-conscious about the appearance of the inflamed area so wearing compression stockings are a good way to hide them away.

Seek Medical Care

If all else fails and the issues get worse, go and get medical help. The doctor will examine and assess the problematic area and if they see fit, will probably suggest that the patient have them surgically removed. This can be scary but they know what they’re doing. Plus, the procedure requires anesthetic so the patient will (hopefully) just be having a nice sleep throughout the whole thing.

To explain a little bit about the surgery, it is rather quick and most definitely painless operation. The doctor will make small incisions in the surrounding skin as well as the actual varicose vein itself. They will then work to remove them through these tiny incisions. This procedure is really only used as a last resort, as there are plenty of other, less aggressive methods.

It can be very embarrassing and highly painful for someone suffering from this condition. Even if they aren’t causing the individual any troubles, when left untended they can become excruciatingly uncomfortable. When removing varicose veins, it’s better to do it as soon as they appear.

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