Why you should Visit a Urologist

A Urologist refers to the medical professional who deals with infections that touch the reproductive systems of men as well as their urinary tracts. This means that you can be referred to a urologist for various reasons. It could be a problem with the adrenal glands, kidneys, ureters as well as the urethra. People experiencing problems with their bladder may also be referred to a urologist. Since these specialists deal with men, it means that they will deal with a variety of disorders affecting the male species such as testes, seminal vesicles, the prostate, penis, as well as the epididymis.

Going to the urologist

Doctors have referred their patients to a urologist for several conditions that include:

Urinary tract infections

These infections are also referred to as UTIs. The infection occurs when the urethra is infected by bacteria. A common symptom for such infections include chills, fevers, vomiting as well as nausea. Incontinence, pain and abnormal urination is also common. The above condition will tell you that the condition is common in women. According to urologists Texas doctors, when an individual experience a urinary malfunction, it comes difficult for the bladder to control itself. This condition is known as incontinence and can have far-reaching consequences for pregnant women. It leads to the pelvic floor muscles weakening.

Infertility in men

There are several sperm disorders that can cause this condition. Infertility can also be caused by the destruction of the male reproductive tract. The common infertility in men is a condition known as varicoceles. For starters, this is a condition that occurs when a certain vein beneath the penis is enlarged. However, this is a condition that can be corrected by surgery. Kidney disorder is another reason why a patient can be referred to a urologist. Kidney problems are characterized by swelling ankles and hands. High blood pressure is also seen as a sign of kidney disorders.

Common procedures

There are some common procedures that you should expect whenever you visit a urologist. At first, you should be aware that they will have the notes from the referring doctor. Nevertheless, this will not prevent them from asking you some questions about your medical health. A physical examination is something that you should expect when you visit a urologist. After this, the doctor will carry a number of tests that include an ultrasound, MRI Scans and CT scans. These tests are very crucial in identifying the root of the problem. When you visit a urologist, you should be ready for a cystoscopy test. This is a thin probe camera that’s usually inserted through the urinary tract. A urine test is also common whenever you visit these professionals. Finally, you should expect a biopsy whenever you visit a urologist. This is a test that is carried out to determine whether your cells are cancerous.

Urodynamic testing

Urodynamic testing is a common procedure carried out to patients who visit a urologist. This is a simple procedure that is carried out to determine the flow of urine from your body.

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