ACL Reconstruction Surgery – Some Basic Facts

ACL reconstruction is a common orthopaedic procedure. It’s done to replace the damaged ligament in the knee. This surgery involves replacing the Anterior Crucial Ligament (ACL) with the artificial graft. The procedure is quick, and it does not involve long-term hospitalization. The patient can go home the same day the surgery gets over. Some hospitals consider this an outpatient procedure. It does not involve the patient in hospitalization procedures too.

A knee replacement is like an ACL reconstruction. Here the knee gets replaced with a prosthetic designed to perform the same function as that of the knee.

Materials used in knee replacement constructions

Prosthetics used for ACL reconstruction get prepared through a variety of materials. You can find titanium alloy or cobalt-chromium as the material for prosthetic. There are certain knee implants made of ceramic too. Ceramic prosthetic usually tends to be less costly than titanium, cobalt-chromium one. But these get worn down faster. Thus, replacement may arise again if the procedure takes place earlier in life. But, in any kind of prosthetic use, the recovery period is quite long.

ACL grafts get prepared from polyethene, polyester, polyacetal polyethene, or even silk. Unlike the case of unlike knee replacement prosthetics. When the situation is not so bad then the need for knee replacement can get avoided. Then one can consider opting for an ACL reconstruction. Once you visit the doctor, it is better to know about the possibility. The ACL surgery cost in India is less than total knee replacement. Hence it’s seen as an affordable alternative if the situation permits.

Single knee or total knee or ACL reconstruction – what should be the call?

Well, the decision depends upon the budget and the condition of the patient. If it is getting difficult for the patient to continue with his or her everyday normal work, then opt for a knee replacement surgery. There are a few hospitals where single knee replacement procedure is available. Whatever the decision is always to search for the experienced professionals for such services. For the job at avenues like Lyfboat where plenty of options is available for to the patient is a great option. Go with what works best for your needs and as per your budget. Taking a consultation again is quite crucial and works well for the patient.

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