Many of the Features of a Great Massage Chair for Chronic Pain

A good massage chair needs to have performance that is exceptional. It needs to offer what is known as “zero gravity” positions, so the kind of massage you want you will be able to change the chair’s angle or recline. These expensive chairs should be one that helps with chronic pain. You do not have to pay in the thousands of dollars for chairs that only relax the body. Check at for what chairs provide the best massages.

Intelligent Massage Robot

The intelligent massage robot of an excellent chair for pain needs to be able to scan the entire body, curves and make a micro adjustment, especially when focused on the lumbar, neck and shoulders.

Better massage chair

The better massage chair for pain needs to be ones that are intended for a massage or full body from neck, to shoulders and arms as well as feet calves and buttocks. You should be able to alter your massages by choosing from at least 6 programs that are automatic and at least 6 styles (Swedish, rolling, kneading, shiatsu, clapping and combo). For more adjustment, the better chair usually should have 5 speeds and levels of intensity.

Zero Gravity

The best zero gravity recliner should feature 32 airbags with placement targeting various areas of the body. A great pain massage chair also has heat therapy of the lower back, for the neck by air massage, buttocks vibration as well as massage by air for back, shoulders, and hips.

Most advanced and highest rated

The more advanced and highest rated chairs for pain need to have movements of massage chair based on the actual motions of massage professionals. It should feature technology that gives gentle motion of a figure-8 motion that stimulate the balance of the body compared to the body or back when having a ‘shiatsu’ massage.

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