Signs that You Need to Get to the Hospital Fast

With many people checking the internet on possible medical symptoms that they may be experiencing from, it can get tricky to determine when a condition requires a trip to the hospital. Below are some of the symptoms that people need to watch out for which, experts say, should be reason enough for to immediately go to a hospital.

Slurred speech and struggling to move

This behavior is could be very well a sign that a person is experiencing a stroke. This is a condition when the supply of blood is cut from the brain. A condition like this needs proper medical attention immediately as it can get fatal. There are tell-tale signs that a person may be experiencing a stroke. The face sometimes drops to one side. The person may be unable to lift his arms. The speech can get slurred too. If these symptoms are present, then getting the person to the nearest hospital should be a top priority.

Limb suddenly goes numb

There is a very good chance that the person may be experiencing peripheral neuropathy. This is a term that describes conditions that are affecting the nerves in the spinal cord and outside the brain. The symptoms can include tingling in the hands or feet, numbness, a shooting, stabbing, or burning pain, as well as the weakness of the muscle especially along the feet.

Vomiting following a head injury

Severe injury to the head needs to be properly attended to medically to make sure that the chance of seriously damaging the brain is reduced. People need to watch out of symptoms of serious head injury such as unconsciousness whether for a long or short time, having a hard time staying awake, seizures, double vision or loss of hearing, bleeding from the nose or ear, vomiting, as well as memory loss.

Thunderclap headache

A sudden headache may be a sign that a person is experiencing a subarachnoid hemorrhage. People can experience the condition as a result of physical exertion such as having sex, coughing, or doing the heavy lifting. Symptoms include an agonizing headache, vomiting and nausea, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, and stiff neck. It may also cause symptoms that are very similar to a stroke. Some people even experience convulsions or loss of consciousness.

Under-eye dark flecks

This can be a sign that a person may be suffering from severe dehydration. This is something that requires proper medical attention before to escalate. Among other symptoms that suggest dehydration include dizziness when the person attempts to stand, feeling confused and tired, as well as eight hours of not being able to pass urine. A pulse that is rather weakly or rapid may also be a sign that the person is suffering from severe dehydration.

Too often, people, these days forego having to see a doctor thinking that their injuries are seemingly minor. It helps though they are aware of symptoms to watch out for to indicate that what they are experiencing is something serious. Learn more about those instances when you need to see your doctor by reading about Dr Toby Ikwueke online.

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