How to Lose Fat without Exercising or Dieting

Unless you’re trying to be the prettiest girl a man can find on BBW dating sites, you’ve probably looked into a million diets and exercises that can help you lose weight and get a healthy waistline. Although there are both eating plans and gym workouts that can help you out, not everyone has the time and energy to maintain such a strict lifestyle.

However, there is a workaround for this. Rather than spending countless hours on the treadmill or depriving yourself of your favourite foods because I diet told you so, you could just change a few habits and let your body change its weight and shape naturally. In that regard, here are the top three ways to lose fat without exercising or dieting.

1. More Fluids

Let’s start with the most basic thing that every human need – fluids. When we say fluids, we mostly mean water (duh), but there’s more to this than what most people think.

First of all, if you’re drinking fluids other than water, you should definitely mind the number of carbohydrates they contain. Namely, sugary drinks such as soda, beer, juice, cappuccinos, and others are so filled with sugar that it’s truly a miracle how so many people haven’t turned into balls of fat considering how much of this stuff we drink on a global level.

2. Fewer Carbs

If you haven’t figured it out already, carbs are not your friends. The more sugar and carbohydrates you’re consuming, the fatter you’ll get, mostly because carbs can’t be turned into energy by our body – instead, they just make you want to have more.

By cutting back on carbs, you’ll allow your body to process the food it’s receiving and thus stop a weight gain. To do this, just stop eating or lower your consumption of pasta, rice, bread, fried foods, cereal, chips, bagels, candy, waffles, doughnuts and all other foods that contain immense amounts of carbs.

3. Timing

Time plays a large role in losing weight in more than one way. If we’re talking shedding pounds without exercise or diet, timing is exactly what you should pay attention to regarding your meals.

It’s not the most well-known fact out there, but multiple studies have shown that people who have their meals approximately at the same time day after day have a much faster metabolism compared to those who eat their food at random times throughout the day.

Why? It’s simple – when you do the former, you make your body get into a pattern so that it can ‘expect’ the food and therefore can prepare itself for it. This way, your metabolism increases in speed as it needs much less time to begin functioning properly once it receives something to process.

All in all, losing weight without exercise and dieting is possible. However, working out and following a custom-made eating plan will probably bring you wanted results way faster.

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