Dogs with Corneal Wounds

The cornea is the protective outer layer in the front of the eye. It is transparent and fairly tough; it needs to be because protecting the eye is very important. Any injury to the cornea will cause vision problems and a fair amount of pain. If that injury actually penetrates through the cornea, it is even more serious.

If you see your pet pawing at the eye or the sudden appearance of blood, there may be a wound to look at. At times, you may actually see a foreign object in the eye which can distort the pupil or result in the cornea clouding. It can happen when you pet runs through high vegetation or when the air is affected by debris for some reason. If you have dogs and cats, a cat can often scratch a dog and be too quick for the dog in general.

Your vet will decide on treatment depending on the cause. If there is limited damage, a collar to prevent the dog scratching may be enough when used with antibiotics or eye drops. There are cases that are more serious that require pain killers as well as drugs. Where you pet has a more serious wound need regular checking during the healing process.

The point about vision is that it is fragile. Many medical things have been transformed over the years but as yet things like eye replacements and transplants remain the thing of science fiction.

You want your dog to be able to run around freely in situations where he and she are causing no nuisance but almost by definition, that will be out in the natural environment where vegetation is allowed to grow naturally. That does mean stray branches, long grass, sometimes sharp like reeds. It is easy for your dog to be running around and catching something that can damage vision.

In terms of general health, and specifically the good health of your dog’s eyes, you should check regularly that everything is alright. You may notice that your dog doesn’t appear to see some things ahead or to the side that should be obvious. Don’t shrug it off. It may not be a result of damage to the eyes but you never know.

In terms of keeping your pet’s eyes in good condition, you should consider applying eye drops from time to time. They can help to lubricate the eye and to prevent any diseases developing. There is no pain involved in applying eye drops and the benefits that your pet will get are several. The use of natural ingredients always has health benefits at minimal cost to you.

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