Some Tips For Choose Electric Pulp Tester

We only have three of them left! Visit us at 0y0dental.and you will find that we provide all of the dental equipment you desire. Check the Electric pulp tester below to know the specifications of it and the features!

1. Denjoy Vitality Dental Electric Pulp Tester for$129.99

When you buy more, you save more! get more than $7 extra discounts if you buy more than 2 items. We offer you 12 months warranty and you could pay with PayPal and credit card. We will help you with a faster shipping from DHL or FedEx delivery. The features are preset speed mode and it is designed to help the patient feel comfortable. It is easy to operate and very convenient with battery operated. Do not worry to operate it because there is a manual book for you in its package. The package also contains testing cord, test electrode long and short, and four pieces stainless hook.

2. New Type Dental Electric pulp tester YS-DT-A for $99.99

Get extra $4 in bulk order. All you have to do to know the feature of this product is by placing the Digitest in the autoclave and push the ‘test’ button in the suspect teeth. You should be patient to get the response from the patient. The large LED indicates that the stimulus is strong enough the stimulus will stop immediately.

3. YUSENDENT Vitality Dental Electric Pul Tester C-PULSE for $123.99

When the patient indicates a perception, you could release this tool and the stimulus will stop immediately. You will not waste the battery because the device will turn itself off in three minutes after the operation. You will find the gentle and pulsed stimulus at a rate and it is designed to give the patients a comfortable feeling.

Based on those three Electric pulp tester, which one do you prefer? if you would like to have the most expensive one, it does not mean you will have an extra warranty. We offer you 12 months warranty which divided into host and parts warranty. The host warranty is a year and the parts warranty is only six months. You have to prepare every possible thing which might happen after you use this product. You should read the instruction on cleaning it because it decides the patients’ satisfaction. Help your patients to get a better service and stay tuned to help and support the patient. Once the patient feels discomfort, it is better to stop the product use and continue to make a short analyze before it could be examined later.

What are you waiting for? you have to make your first order with us because we offer 24 hours. Therefore, based on our available service for 24 hours, we hope all of you could enjoy our products’ promotion to complete your dental clinic. Having a complete dental clinic with competent skill will help the patient to enjoy the sickness and inconvenience feeling. Ask your dentists’ friends and place your bulk order now to get the best deal and extra carefully shipping. We do not ask for the shipping cost any more because you already buy in bulk.

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