The Benefits of Using All Social Media Marketing

Michigan Medical Supplies is one of the best companies to keep their customers up-to-date on the latest that is going on in their company as well as with the equipment that they sell.


One of the best ways for a company to let customers and contacts know what is new in the company is a regular newsletter. Most of your customers will not be very pro-actively checking daily your website for updates and new products. This is when you often will need to reach to those customers to get this information to them. A newsletter cannot just inform, but it also can also translate readership to sales – you need to use a blend of graphics that are striking, relevant information and often humor.

Medical Supplies

New medical supplies can quickly turn into sales when you put this information in your newsletter. Most newsletters will have the customer signup, but in some cases like a monthly or quarterly newsletter that has news of new medical equipment and supplies should be sent to all your customers.


Michigan Medical Equipment also has a blog as every company should have. It is a great place for information that pertains to the products that this company sale. They announce new products in this field as well as new procedures that everyone in the medical field needs to know. Your customers need to also know about any promotions that a company is beginning.


New products come to the market every day that is for the clean and sanitizing of exam rooms as well as surgery areas.  There may be a new procedure for dressing a wound that every small clinic should be aware of – another example of an article on the blog.  They also have many excellent posts on new research and development for new equipment on the market or new drug studies.


This blog has many categories including:

• Allergy;
• Anxiety / Stress;
• Alzheimer’s / Dementia;
• Blood / Haematology;
• Back Pain;
• Cancer / Oncology;
• Breast Cancer;
• Depression;
• Diabetes;
• Dermatology;
• Eye Health / Blindness;
• Cancer / Oncology;
• Headache / Migraine;
• Obesity / Weight Loss / Fitness;
• Medical Innovation;
• Ear, Nose and Throat;
• Pregnancy / Obstetrics;
• Sleep / Sleep Disorders / Insomnia;
• Women’s Health / Gynaecology.

Benefits of social media

Every business should use all the benefits of social media just like blogs and newsletter. This company uses them well.  There are many benefits to social media.

  1. Gain valuable insights about customers.
  2. Increases loyalty and brand awareness.
  3. Showing targeted ads with results in real-time.
  4. Generate leads that are higher converting,
  5. Run rich experiences for the customer.
  6. Increase traffic website and search engine ranking.
  7. Find what your competitors are up to.
  8. Share content easier and faster.
  9. Geotarget content.
  10. Build relationships.

Your business will only grow when you use social media to its full extent.

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