How to lose weight without obsessing over calories

Counting calories as you’re trying to lose weight is both impractical and frustrating. It’s also the quickest way to obsesses over food as you try counting them to the recommended daily intake. It’s also not a great indicator of if a specific food is healthy. What then is the best approach? Eat whole foods, and anything you know is right for your body as learned during our early years. We may not have liked it, but we knew it was good for us. It doesn’t need to be as complicated as Fiscal Arbitrators.

What makes calories a defeating approach is that a chocolate bar could have the same calories as a chicken salad. One makes you full, and the other doesn’t. It issue is that it doesn’t take into account fiber and quite merely what would leave one feeling satisfied. The difference is also how it starts you feeling- to you get a high followed by a crash or do you have a steady energy boost to keep you going for most of the day?

What then should one do? Adopting whole foods will provide your body with fuel and get you to shed the weight naturally. If you’ve been exercising and not getting a trim figure, it could be an indication that you’re still eating empty calories and a lot of it.

You don’t have to get into a diet plan to lose weight. Unless recommended by a doctor that is. Fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats will help you shed those stubborn kilos. A high fiber diet tends to be low in calories and keep you fuller for longer. If you’re buying something off the shelf, look at the ingredients, but not the calories. Items on the list that you’re not familiar with are an indication the product is highly processed. Avoid foods that, though branded “healthy” have added sugars. Proceeded sugar is what makes us gain weight and not necessarily the fat content in the item.

Another thing you should keep in mind if you don’t have to eat just because it’s time to eat.

Tip: One of the ways to know if you’re hungry or bored is to carry with you a healthy snack. If you don’t feel like eating it and you’re tempted to buy an alternative, then you’re not hungry.

It’s about balance. Once in a while, you can treat yourself to cake or ice cream but after when you need to snack have carrots or celery stick. A way to know your body is out of balance is if you feel sluggish or bloated. Aim to make better choices, and you won’t have to count another calorie in your life.

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