The Significance of Medical Weighing Scale in the Healthcare Profession

For someone who works in the healthcare setting, it is a must to have an accurate and reliable weighing scale. Medical scales play a huge role in proving patient care, be it a newborn, an adult, or an elderly. The dose of anaesthesia, antibiotics, and other health-related care has something to do with the patient’s weight. Hence, it is of great importance to have a high-quality weighing scale. There are various types of weighing scales in the healthcare setting and each suit different needs.

Below are the different needs in the medical setting that representing the importance of a weighing scale-

Weight taking –

It is a must to know the exact weight of the patient as it is the basis for calculating the dose of drug and anaesthesia. Hospitals and clinics should have the best medical weighing scale, something that is up to date and calibrated as per the medical standards.

Weighing of babies –

Babies, especially newborns are weighed using a special weighing scale. The accurate weight of the baby helps the healthcare team in determining the type of care needed by the baby. It provides vital information about the growth and development of the baby including the feeding needs.

Medical weighing scales as a healthcare ally –

There are various types of weighing scales for medical use and each type covers a variety of medical purposes such as floor scale, baby weighing scale, bed scale, and even wheelchair scale. Some of these measuring tools provide lifting assistance which is a big help in weighing an immobilized patient. Modern weighing scales have power failure backup and programme that can store the patient’s previously taken weights.

With so many medical device and equipment, someone who does not work in the medical field will surely take for granted the importance of a weighing scale. However, people who work in the medical field know that without an accurate and reliable weighing scale it would be impossible to deliver patient-centred care. Medical weighing scale’s help does not end in measuring the weight of the patient. It does more such as calculating the dose of medicine, determining the anaesthesia level, and taking note of the growth and progress of the patient.

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