The pointlessness of a drug test and how to pass one by using the best powdered urine

When it comes to making your employees perform a drug test in order to be sure that none of them is addicts, the activity of this kind has become a very popular and extremely used in the United States. But the truth is that if you have a critical approach towards an activity like the previously mentioned one, you will be able to see why there is no necessity of performing something like this. Within this article, we will explain to you why it is not a smart move and tell you how to pass it successfully if it happens, which is again, a contra argument towards it.

There is a line and your employer is crossing it

First of all, when performing a drug test to your employees, you are breaking through their privacy and cutting their freedom to spend their free time on the way they are choosing to do it by themselves. And yes, the contra argument opposing to this saying, which will be that once you have decided to work for a certain company, you should try to stay as focused as you can, giving your maximum when working over your tasks. But the truth is that by following the development of the science, nowadays, there are many kinds of research showing us that a non-frequent, low usage of one group of recreational drugs should not lead us to certain negative effects. The only thing problematic in this case can be the fact that their usage is not legal in many US areas, but even that is not a thing of which your employer should be concerned. As long as you are finishing your tasks as good as it needs to be done, you should be free to go without an additional pressure. Most of the employers are being led by the stereotype that a person whose drug of choice is marihuana is not a person that is able to perform any job activities, and that is a big problem, since a test of this kind must be made in order to spot which person is not on the right track in life.

On the accuracy of the results

Since the tests previously mentioned are very expensive to be performed, the first thing that every person will ask is: are they that accurate? The truth is that yes if they are made as they need to be done, there shouldn’t be a way of faking it. But on the other hand, when they are performed, most of the employers are choosing to make a drug test by running certain research towards the employee’s urine, since that is an option which is cheapest among the others. But when using a test of this kind, there are a couple of ways by which it can be faked. If you only google about a powdered urine, you will see that there are many providers such as this one, where you can purchase a certain kit. So, if there are mandatory drug tests inside the company which has employed you, you can simply look over certain online reviews about the quality of the product made by people that have already tried it, purchase it and be safe. The kit is made with all the ingredients which are a must if you want to make a liquid which will look and smell exactly as a real urine, and there is no way that the people working inside the lab will notice that it is not a real one. It is completely drug-free, so by that, you will be sure that the results will be negative.


Living a healthy life is a very important thing, and every country’s duty is to protect their citizens, but the truth making something legal doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to be done and the opposite of that. As a grown-up member of the society, every individual needs to have its own privacy, and by the use of tests such as this one, all of that is ruined. And once the efficiency and the accuracy of those tests are broken, there is no need for performing them at all.

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