You Might Not Believe This but Archery Is A Demanding Sport

Because archery is a demanding sport, it offers many benefits to health and fitnessThese include:

  • Develop arm muscles and upper body strength;
  • Boost hand-eye coordination skills;
  • Improving mental strength and concentration;
  • Improving the flexibility of the hands and fingers;
  • Freeing the mind from everyday distractions, by learning to focus better.


Using your arms, hands, chest, and shoulders by drawing back the bow properly, strengthens your upper body.  Start by having a professional set the bow to a correct drawing weight for you. As you build strength as well as skill, increase the weight of your draw.


Many things happen when an archer executes a good shot.  Important among them is hand to eye coordination.  Consistent practice builds muscle memory and coordination will become instinctive.

Mental strength

Exercising your mental strength and concentration is also another benefit to your health.  Good concentration effects every area of a good life.


Archery improves the flexibility of your fingers and your hands.   Good strength and flexibility in these areas will help you in many other areas of your life and will help as you are aging.


By learning to focus and tune out distractions, focusing on form and other areas of concentration will help you with your focus.  This is another area of your health that will help you in other areas and will help when you start beginning to age.


When you are an archer and are competing, you are walking a lot and every health professional will tell you that walking is one of the best exercises for your body.   Also, Prevention magazine state in one article that drawing bow burns about 140 calories per half-hour, which is the same was walking at a brisk pace.


Releasing an arrow, watching it go to the target all can relieve stress.  If you are learning to focus while building strength as well as confidence, you will also be able to relax better and this will help you fall sleep faster and sleep better.

Check before you start

Archery is a demanding sport and is a sport that is often underestimated by those who aren’t participating.  Talk with your physician and personal trainer if you have one.  You need to be physically in good shape to participate safely so you need to first check on any medical conditions that might cause problems.

For further information on archery go to Bow Authority which is an excellent website on all aspects of archery.

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