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There are many websites, blogs and other areas where educators are teaching new doctors and other health professionals in the field. One of these is a blog Social Media in Medicine.

Blog medical students

This is another place where a team of medical educators uses social media in medical education on a regular basis. Besides this blog, they are on Twitter and can be visited our SMiME wiki. They feature guest bloggers. They have articles on medicine as well as dentistry. This is another good example of how social network can be a learning network.

Online tools

Whether you are teaching an online course or a hybrid course or just adding a few bits of online learning to a face-to-face course, you will find online tools that can provide a good way to share these bookmarks to other students in this class.


One online tool is about bookmarking. When you save a website as a bookmark or favorite, it is added to the list that stays within that browser. But if you use a different computer, you don’t have access to that bookmark list. When you use a social-bookmarking service, you save your bookmarks on that server, making them available to you wherever you access the internet and allows you to share them with others.

Create accounts

Ask your students to create accounts on a social-bookmarking service and bookmark websites, news article and other resources applicable to the medical course you are teaching. Develop a unique “tag” for your course and have your students use it so that all their bookmarks can be easily found. Ask your students to apply multiple tags to the resources they bookmark, as the way for helping them locate their bookmarks to prepare them for the kind of keyword searching they will need to do when using library databases. If you are teaching a face-to-face or hybrid class, be sure to spend some class time having your students sharing their latest finds, so they can see the connections between this week outside your class and classroom discussion.

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