Basic differences between type1 and type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which occurs when the blood sugar level is too high in comparison to a normal level or unable to use the insulin available in the human body. It is very common these days even children are affected by this disease. When anyone is suffering from diabetes it is very important to know what stage it is. There are so many types of diabetes depends on age and situations but most of the people suffer from basically two types of Diabetes-

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes

We can understand the difference between type1 and type2 diabetes on the basis of below categories –

Nature of diabetes –

Type 2 is most common in nature but type1 diabetes is not as common as type 2 is.

Affected age –

In type 1 mostly affected the age group between infants the too late 30s and in type2 mostly people come from early 40s and above them.

Reasons for occurring diabetic –

Type 1 occurs because of body’s own immunity system start destroying the insulin-producing cells. In type 2 when the body does not produce enough insulin that body can use to maintain the blood glucose level. It is required to maintain the normal blood sugar level.

Development –

Type 1 diabetes takes time to develop and the exact reason is known but type 2 is not always obvious and it affects the body due to lifestyle and it may be genetic.

Control method –

In type 2 diabetic patient can control this disease by exercise and diet also monitor himself but for type 1 patient should take tablets or insulin on regular basis to keep it under control and it is always on progressive condition so without taking insulin, it cannot be controlled.

Both the type of diabetes whether it is Type 1 and type2 is not in same and required different treatments. The cause of type 1 is still not clear and it is developing day by day, even kids are suffering from these. Type 2 diabetes completely depends on poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. However, any kind of diabetes is the result of elevated blood glucose level of a human body.

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