How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card in Hawaii

Medical Marijuana was legalized in Hawaii in 2000 but to use or purchase medical marijuana products one must be registered with the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health Medical Marijuana Registry Program.  Obtaining a medical marijuana card can be difficult, however with help from a doctor or Nurse Practitioner you can get a medical marijuana card in few easy steps. In this article, we will explain how to obtain a medical card for marijuana in Hawaii.

1) You must have Qualifying Debilitating Medical Condition. Hawaii’s Medical Marijuana Law protects patients who have been recognized for life-threatening clinical conditions like Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, Nausea, Cancer, and Chronic Pain. One must have a Qualifying Debilitating Medical Condition to obtain medical marijuana card.

2) The next step is to fill out the State of Hawaii’s account form. It will cost $38.50 to register and covers one year of registration.  Registration fees are not refundable. Be careful while filling the application form, because any mistakes found will require you to apply again for medical marijuana Registry.

 3) After completing the State of Hawaii’s form you need to find a licensed Physician or Nurse Practitioner to complete the process.  You doctor or Nurse Practitioner will certify your condition which will allow you to submit it to the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health.  Remember it requires a Physician or Nurse Practitioner to submit the application form to get your medical card.

4) After submitting the application, if you are approved you will then get a medical marijuana card sent to you by mail.  After getting your medical marijuana card, you will have access to purchase medical marijuana from a medical dispensary in Hawaii.

 Get your medical card today and access Hawaii’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

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