Ways of improving your memory

Forgetting things during moments of stress is not memory loss. Having poor memory constantly is known as memory loss. Genetics has a key role to play in a person’s memory loss. However, this does not mean that we cannot do anything about it. Studies have revealed that our lifestyle and food habits greatly impact our memory. There are several natural ways of your improving memory. Read the complete article to know all about healthy habits and foods for improving your memory.

1. Sleep well at night

Research works have proved that sleep enhances memory. This is because brain growth takes place when we sleep. Therefore, it is essential that you sleep properly at night. Sleeping peacefully for six hours or more increases our ability to think vividly the next morning.

2. Meditate

Meditation soothes and relaxes our mind, reduces pain and stress, keeps blood pressure in control and also improves memory. As we age, gray matter reduces in our brain and it has negative impacts on our memory. Meditation increases the gray matter present in our brain. Elderly people who meditate regularly acknowledge that they do not forget things every now and then. It is also good for students. Students who meditate tend to remember their lessons more accurately than the ones who don’t.

3. Stay away from alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol not only affects our heart and liver but also affects our brain. One of the ill-effects of overdrinking is a loss of memory. Drinking alcoholic beverages sometimes reduces chances of heart attack. Avoid drinking frequently for protecting your memory.

4. Eat right

What we eat has a key role to play in the ability of our brain to remember things. Broccoli, walnuts, curry, celery, and cauliflower contain antioxidants that are good for brain health and stimulate our brain’s production of new cells. Coconut oil is also beneficial for improving functions of the brain. Healthy fats, especially nuts, and fresh vegetables should be included in your daily diet as they are good for your memory.

5. Do not multitask

Multitasking basically means doing several activities at the same time. Multitasking is not good for our memory as it diverts our attention. People who multitask all the time remain distracted and tend to forget things. For improving your memory, you need to focus on one thing at a time. Giving your complete concentration to one particular task increases the capacity of your memory.

6. Exercise regularly

Exercise increases the performing ability of our brain. It stimulates the multiplication of nerve cells, strengthens their interconnections and also protects nerve cells from damage. Neurotrophic factors are released when we exercise. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF triggers several other chemicals responsible for promoting neural health. Cognitive functions like learning are directly benefitted by these chemicals.

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