India as A Top Destination for Hair Transplantation in The World

India has so much to offer in terms of tourism, luxury, cuisines, but one thing that will forever remain about India is its indubitable excellence in the medical field. Apparently, millions have so far opted for India when it comes to knee replacement, surgeries of any kind, infertility treatment, and now the trending of all is hair transplantation.

The country is known worldwide for its cost-effective treatments that match the world standards. In terms of medical science, India can be compared to countries like USA, England, Britain, and let’s not forget the fact that we have numerous international doctors from India.


What Entails Hair Transplantation in India?

The practice of hair transplant in India is just like that in the developed countries, but unlike there, the cost is quite affordable. In India, there are numerous hair transplant clinics that serve as an excellent consideration before the surgery.

Since India is among the top destinations for medical tourism, many of the hair transplant centers are of a world-class. These utilize the latest and cutting-edge techniques to offer maximum results. Just like anywhere else, the procedure is performed by removing healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp. These are known as grafts and are implanted in the tiny incisions in the recipient region.

Whether a medical tourist or a citizen, effective instructions are provided to render the post-op period manageable. In the real sense, there is nothing much to worry as the common side effects are controlled in a number of ways. A patient can also opt for professional scalp cleaning after the surgery in order to strip off some responsibility at home.

Should I Worry About The Hair Transplant Cost in India?

Generally, surgeries cost more than mere medications, but having opted for a hair transplant in India, there is a relief that you will enjoy. As per studies, a hair transplant in India can cost a maximum of Rs. 35, 000 and a maximum of 1.5 lakh. However, this is for the case of moderate hair loss/baldness. When compared to other countries like USA, Turkey, and Australia, the minimum cost of a hair transplant would be 60, 000 which is equivalent to 938 USA dollars.

In India, it is generally the type of technique and the number of grafts required for extraction that determine your hair transplant cost. With the FUT technique “Follicular Unit Transplantation” where a strip of hair is cut from the back of the scalp, the surgery cost is quite less.

However, with the FUE hair transplant, “Follicular Unit Extraction” the cost goes higher generally because the grafts are extracted individually. Extraction cost per graft in India ranges from Rs.25 to Rs.78. Opting for the advanced techniques like the robotic hair transplant also comes with its cost, but also affordable when compared to other countries.


Where Can I Get a Hair Transplant in India?

India is made up of many cities and states and surely, you will have to get concerned about the right hair transplant center and surgeon. However, opting for a hair transplant in Punjab would be an excellent decision.

Consult an experienced surgeon for a thorough evaluation and the right hair transplant approach.

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