Not Only The Physical State is Affected By Gynecomastia, But Also The Mental State

The latest study reveals that gynecomastia in young boys and adults cultivates a psychological and emotional impact and in the long run, it can lead to depression. Apart from the psychological impact, these boys and males have to withstand recurrent humiliations and all sorts of mockery from their fellows.

In case emotionally weak, this boy or man can withdraw from any form of social activity due to lack of interest. According to a recent report, it was confirmed that even mild gynecomastia can trigger adverse psychological effects in boys.


A Case Study

A number of psychological tests were conducted by comparing adolescent boys with enlarged breasts and those with normal breasts. At least 47 healthy boys with an average age of 16.5 years were considered for the study. These were compared with the rest of the group who had no gynecomastia.

The results of the study indicated that many of the boys with enlarged breasts were obese or overweight. It was also confirmed that these boys had a lower score as per the standard quality of life with the rest of the other boys. Other concerns like social life, general health, and mental health were lower.

What Can Trigger Enlarged Boobs in Boys or Males?

There are a variety of factors that can trigger man boobs and they can include; childhood obesity, obesity, genetic predisposition, a sedentary life, lack of physical activity, among others.

It should be noted that genetic predisposition increases one’s risk for gynecomastia since it generally runs in the family. New insight also stresses the regular cosmetic products or oils that men use. Certain essential oils like tea tree oil can increase the risk of man boobs in adolescent boys.

How Effective is Early Medical Intervention

Unlike in the past where a gynecomastia surgery was seen as the only solution for the enlarged man boobs, there are a variety of solutions for man boobs today. These include;

  • Physical exercise
  • Altering the dietary approach
  • Losing weight
  • Medications in the form of pills


A patient also ought to consult a doctor as soon as he realizes an observable enlargement.

Limiting the use of certain products is also recommended, especially those with tea tree oil or lavender oil.

Early medical intervention can generally prevent male breast enlargement by 20 folds than when a patient pays no attention to the male

What If Gynecomastia Persists?

The last option for eliminating the physical condition is by getting a Gynecomastia surgery in India. The surgery involves the extraction of the over-sized glandular tissue through an incision. Generally, men are suitable candidates for the surgery, but one’s medical status must be clearly evaluated.

You may also consider a gynecomastia surgery in Punjab due to its cost-effectiveness. However, boys will automatically require different medical approaches that will generally include weight loss, counseling among others.

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