How Cannabis Companies Can Help Dispel Myths About CBD

With changes in state legislation and the public’s perception of cannabis-based products, there is an increase in their production and use. Their prohibition, however, has been the norm for many decades. Because of that, certain prejudices exist in the way that people perceive them. Several myths persist about their use, their impact on people’s health, and their side effects.

Cannabis companies have an uphill climb as they adapt to this new reality. They need to ease the most apprehensive of consumers by dispelling these myths. What is the most persistent of these myths and what can cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturers can do to combat them? There is much overlap between people’s perception of CBD and psychotropic cannabinoids. It is vital that CBD manufacturers, first, separate cannabidiol from products that produce a ‘high’.

‘CBD will get you high’

The first thing that cannabis retailers need to do is ensure that people who are cautious about the recreational use of marijuana understand that cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Manufacturers must outline the science behind the impact that CBD has on the brain. It is an analgesic that aids in alleviating aches and pains, rather than a ‘party drug’. Then, they can begin to change the perception that people have of the cannabinoid itself and, by extension, CBD products.

It is also vital to emphasize that CBD will not show up on any conventional drug test. They can support their argument in many ways. Presenting reliable sources, like the reports of medical professionals, research journals, and other scientific authorities are all strong options. Cynics would then be more willing to try CBD products.

‘You need a prescription for CBD’

Some people who may not have any prejudices about CBD products from the perspective of them being a recreational drug might still not try to go shopping for them. Even if they’re willing to try them, they might believe that they need a doctor’s prescription for them, like medicinal marijuana.

Cannabidiol product companies, by laying out the differences between medicinal marijuana and CBD, can dispel this particular myth. They can do this by publishing helpful guides that outline the main differences in buying medicinal marijuana and CBD products, always emphasizing that there is no need for a medical professional’s prescription. A strong focus should be that people can also buy CBD products online, in any country and state.

‘Only adults can consume CBD’

Another myth that is counter-intuitive, as current research suggests that anyone, of any age, can safely consume CBD. In particular, manufacturers can present studies that show that CBD can more effectively fight certain conditions like epilepsy and ADHD in children and teenagers than in adults. A recent study has shown that CBD is very effective in treating Dravet syndrome, an advanced form of epilepsy, in children.


Public perception about cannabis products is shifting. Manufacturers can speed up the process by responding to these myths with evidence and clarity. Only by laying out the facts in an approachable, comprehensible manner can they change hearts and minds enough to encourage people to give CBD products a try.

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