Areas Treated with Laser Hair Removal

Nowadays laser hair removal has emerged as a boon to the people who want to get rid of their unwanted body hair for a longer period of time. The first question that would arise in one’s mind is what the areas that can be covered through lasers are.

Don’t worry! Hereby provide you with the areas that can be treated through laser.

1. Face:

Nowadays, not only women but men also prefer to remove their unwanted facial hair. In India laser hair removal clinics use the latest and advanced techniques which are safe, fast and reliable at the same time. The majorly covered parts in facial laser hair removal in India are:

  • Uppers Lips: Generally women prefer removing their unwanted hair from the area just above their lips since threading is a really painful process. However, the area for treatment is really small, so it takes a few minutes to get done with it. No doubt, this treatment may require around 4-5 session
  • Chin: Every woman, young or old dread having facial hair, especially on the chin, but with facial laser hair removal we can easily overcome this problem that too in a short span of time. This is the most popular area of treatment as a majority of women face this problem at some point in time.
  • Eyebrows: Who does not want to be party ready every time? The first thing that one thinks of before going to the party is to rush to the parlor to get their eyebrows made in perfect shape be it, men or women.

So, to get a permanent solution to this persistent problem, you can opt for eyebrow laser hair removal. It is a very quick and effective procedure and that too at a very affordable facial hair removal cost in India. Make sure that your eyes are properly covered with the safety gear as laser beams are harmful for the eyes.

2. Body:

If you are looking for full body laser hair removal in India then it is much time consuming and the number of sessions required is also more. Nowadays men also undergo laser hair removal treatment and are most likely to get treatment for areas like the chest, back, legs, arms, pubic area, etc.

On the other hand, bikini area, breast, legs, arms, underarms, etc. are the places which are usually preferred by the women. The cost involved is more than that of facial laser hair removal as the area under treatment is large.

  • Arms:

A lot of people face problems like a heavy growth of hair on their arms and you may find it really annoying to go through that painful process of waxing or shaving which leads to a very rapid growth of hair on your arms.

Finally, there is a simple process through which you can get hair free arms in just a few sessions of laser hair removal in India and the cost involved is reasonable too.

  • Underarms:

Having a hair free underarm is a dream for all girls. It is that region of the body where a lot of hair grows and is really irritating and embarrassing for almost every person.

So, to achieve smooth and hair free underarm, you will find many people undergoing this treatment and the best part is, this process can be undertaken by most of us as the underarms laser hair removal cost in India is comparatively less.

  • Chest: In this modern era, where everybody wants to look good mainly men who love to flaunt their body, having a hairy chest is a big let-down for them. Waxing is a really painful and temporary process.

The answer to this problem is chest laser hair removal. This process gives a permanent solution to this pain, which need not be repeated every alternate week once the process is completely done.

But be aware that the laser hair removal cost in India for chest is quite high as the area involved is comparatively large and also the hair in that region is dense and thick.

  • Breast: Sometimes women may have unwanted hair on their breast which may be quite embarrassing to them. Thus, to overcome such a situation they generally prefer laser hair removal.
  • Back: Having hair on the back is really annoying for most of the men. So now there is a way out in which men can get this problem solved in quiet few simple steps. Back laser hair removal is the safest and the most effective method in which this can be done and that too in 5-8 sessions.
  • Bikini Area: The demand for bikini or pubic area laser hair removal in India is growing with time. As the area is small so it almost takes five to six sessions to achieve the desired results.
  • Legs: Rather than going through such a painful process like waxing, not only women but also men prefer going through laser hair removal of legs. This procedure is a boon to the people as it approximately takes six to eight sessions of one hour each to complete the whole procedure.
  • Full Body: Believe it or not people even go in for full body laser hair removal. The areas that are covered under it includes whthe ole of your body like- arms, face, back, chest, etc. Definitely, it may take 7-8 sessions or even more depending upon the skin and hair type.

The maximum time per session is 1 hour. And be prepared to spend more as the full body laser hair removal cost in India as the treatment area is vast.

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