Going outdoors for exercise? Wear a mask

Rising levels of air pollution have made outdoor air in most Indian cities unfit for breathing in. Create a barrier between yourself and polluted air with a mask for pollution.

The mass media is rife with almost daily reports about poor air quality and congestion in the Indian cities. The bad quality of air is also visible to the naked eye, with the omnipresent high levels of smog and grey skies. It has become hazardous to venture out in most cities, with uncontrolled levels of pollution wreaking havoc on humans and animals.

As an exercise buff, you are trying to find a balance between working out in outdoor spaces while keeping air pollution at bay. This article is for you.

The great outdoors – and the pollution in the air

Exercising outdoors is great fun, and it has tremendous physical and mental benefits. Though a lot of people prefer sweating it out in the confines of an air-conditioned gym, an outdoor workout has a higher caliber and more benefits. Exposed to the natural elements and an irregular topography, your body is challenged much more than it would ever be in a controlled, indoor environment.

Those who train for marathons must mandatorily run outside, while even other exercises like yoga, weight training, cycling, walking, and swimming are done outside. But while it is ideal to train outside, there is a big problem that you must face and overcome every time you step out of the house – air pollution.

By now, everybody is aware of the high levels of air pollution in the cities. You are also familiar with the reasons for the same – vehicular and industrial emissions, construction activity, indiscriminate burning, are just some of the many reasons for rising levels of dirt, dust, soot, and smoke in the air. These pollutants contain particulate matter that is inhaled by humans and animals. Over time, the particulate matter settles inside the nasal cavity and lungs and causes a variety of health issues.

So the next time you head outside to exercise, gear up with a good mask for pollution. Since you work out and inhale larger volumes of air than others do, a protective pollution mask is essential for you.

Pollution masks – Why they are vital in today’s polluted times

You cannot control the quality of air that you breathe in, and you must also step outside to exercise, play, commute to work, shop for groceries, etc. Every time you step out of the door, you are exposed to high levels of air pollution that can make you breathless, give you headaches and make you nauseous.

  • Pollution masks work on a simple principle: they create a barrier between the polluted air and you, by filtering out the air that enters your nose and lungs. The best masks for pollution filter out the harmful particulate matter as the air enters the mask. Thus, you are spared the possibility of breathing in impure air.
  • Masks for pollution are essential not just for those who work out in open spaces, but every person who steps out of the house to attend school/college or office or goes out to shop, or just to hang out with friends. Some cities register extremely high levels of smog, dust, smoke and noxious gases, and breathing in the air is impossible without gasping, coughing and wheezing. But it is possible to stay safe in the same environment with a good pollution mask.
  • Look for masks that have a strong but flexible outer casing that fits the contours of the face snugly. There should be no gaps that allow air to enter into the mask from the side.
  • Dettol SiTiShield has the best anti-pollution masks, with a micro fan fitted into it to keep the inside of the mask cool. Most other pollution masks fail on this front – after a while, they get clammy with sweat and heat build-up inside the mask. But the Dettol SiTiShield mask keeps you comfortable while offering constant protection in the most polluted environments.
  • It is a good idea to invest in air masks for the entire family. Leading manufacturers have multiple sizes to suit children as well as adults. The mask can also be fitted as per the size and contours of the face, by adjusting the straps provided in it.

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