Help your loved one to overcome drug addiction

Becoming aware that a loved one has a drug problem is not easy, but knowing what help to provide once this finding is established is not necessarily more.

Better Understand Each Other

The first step is to try to better understand the situation by starting a dialogue. This exchange proposal being at your initiative, it is appropriate to approach it from the expression of your own feelings, your worries or the tensions that you perceive.

To facilitate this dialogue, it is essential to foster a climate of trust. This one goes by an attitude which invites to the confidence by avoiding to turn your interlocutor by the expression of reproaches or by a balance of power or authority. Give your loved one the opportunity to express their own view of the situation and accept it without challenging it simply by replying that your point of view is different.

Accompany Your Loved One While Staying At Your Place

Helping a loved one puts you in a special place. It is at the same time to be at his side to offer him support but also to be aware that he remains the only one who can really act. So, some things may be your responsibility, others not. You will not be able to take any initiatives in its place, such as making appointments. The commitment of your loved one in his care is essential. You can, however, learn about help leads and tell him.

You can also learn about ways to reduce the risks of using drugs

If your loved one injects or snorts his drug he may have access to safer consumer kits. If he is a consumer of heroin or an opiate, he can purchase a Nalscue overdose spray from a medical store. By discussing with him these means you make possible a different dialogue between you. It is a way to help your loved one even if he is not ready to stop his consumption.

Support Your Loved One

To support your loved one implies not to depreciate him or to rush him by speeding up the proceedings or blackmailing him. These attitudes generally block dialogue and weaken mutual trust. The best way to move forward is above all to respect the rhythm of the other, to listen to what he is ready to undertake as he thinks. Encourage him also to rely on other aids than yours through health professionals like detox Orange County. They can invite him to take stock of his difficulties without immediately talking about weaning.

Being close to a drug user can give the impression of being able to change the situation. However, this particular place has its limits and confronts you with difficulties. That’s why it’s so important to know how to get help from professionals.

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